Rubbish writing; it’s like vaccuming

I live in a bubble

It does not burst, it never evaporates, it is forever solid and round and very, very self reflective

I love my bubble. like everyone else who lives there in with me

We know nothing of the outside world

We never hear children cry, or women fight their husbands 

We do not comprehend the idea of time or the minds behind freedom and wars

The world cries of a recession, the banks empty, Mugabe prints colorless notes; and the most we worry about is whether the trip to Slovenia is more fulfilling than a weekend in Trieste.

We touch each other, we feel each other, we laugh we live, everything comes easy. everything works. we give nothing back, we take it all that they have to give and demand for more… because this is what the bubble promises::::.cushions

 Fabrica:::::photos by Jade


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    can i join your bubble, pweeeze!!!

  2. mphoebe says:


    Please do….ive been asking you guys to for the last 8 months now

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