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Okay, seriously, what  in the world is this below?

I have deleted my earlier rant pointed at BBC’s  Big ‘suprise-horror-shock’ Findings  because there was no way i could then move from that to this absolute rubbish; Seriously. Robert. I am sure you are a great guy and some more but come’on, construct a proper sentence. just one, that is a job after all, no?




At Monitor (uganda)

Fagil Mandy on the catwalk


You would think he has been at it for years. He had everything; the demeanor, the poise and that starethe kind he normally gave naughty children during his teaching days – Fagil Mandy was the personification of coolness.


The former Minister of Education was one of the models who showcased designs from the Nigerian inspired E-Creations fashion house. But he was not the only “surprise model” the organisers had in store for us; Kora Award nominee Suzan Kerunen took to the runway with the slickness of a pro-model and as for the singer Sarah Zawedde, apart from the plastic smile and the occasional side-wiggle here and there, it was a lackluster “model debut.”

couldn’t read on…..


See Robert, I once worked where you work, and I know most of the headaches you must deal with to go through one story. Plus;  I was terrible at my job and this probably is why I took the break, so am not playing the -AM Better than you- Game. But seriously, dude, you took over from Serugo. YOU CAN NOT BE  WRITING  “…stare-the kind he used to give to naughty children….”  wtf?


The soul of  society writing (in my very unschooled/untrained opinion) is the writing itself.  Fact is half  your readers  -(yes sweeping assumption watever)-  dont really care about your covered event because if they did they would have attended….and the other half  who do care to know, were there, with you, so when you suggest to them that “Mr. Mandy, the former eduction mister had a Teacher-Naughty student Stare going on while on the cat walk” am sure they too go; wtf? whats this guy going on about


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  1. tumwijuke says:

    Jars, munange over the past two weeks I have come to realize how much journalists and media types hate it when you criticize them. I haven’t received as much abuse as I have whenever I blog about poor writing, bad news judgement, lousy radio and boring TV. Turns out we (journalists) can call politicians dogs as much as we want, but do not dare call a media type in Uganda a bitch.

    It’s a crying shame.

  2. Baz says:

    Hacks can’t take it Tumwi. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

    I like “soul of society writing is the writing itself.” Looking at it that way, it finally makes sense.

  3. antipop says:

    Baz, it is that hacks know how to defend their ‘ish’. We hear it, we don’t like it, we rant and rave and act like we do not care, and go back home and lose sleep over it.
    Phoebes… i tried to write you mail earlier but was net was how you say screwed up. It read something along the lines..
    “I am reading your Maurice Kirya for like the 4th time, and i think you are a god bla bla bla.”

    And no, that is not because i know you are coming back soon and are bringing me Jimmy Choos. I would never do that. Not for just one pair!

  4. The Phantom says:

    Wait…You are coming back? I heard some time mbu you were in town but it coulda been a lie. So, you think we could meet up? Would really like to steal some of that stuff you’ve been learning in Italy. And your music, of course.

  5. phoebe says:

    @Tumwi; I stopped by at yours and I couldn’t believe all of that I was reading in the comment’s section. All of sudden it is okay to spew rubbish and spread mediocrity because that’s “what the market wants?”
    What market? I bet thats what the corrupt governments tell when they meet; “that’s what the people want. the majority, the real people of the land and not the ‘Pseudo-intellectuals’.”

    @Baz; It’s like fire-place story telling of the old; the choice of words used, word placement, the style, the rhythm and tone…. me thinks

    @ Antipop: I must find you Jimmy Choos, I will stop by the Venice Vendors; they have impressive counterfeits.
    plus; i have read through my Maurice Kirya piece, it does have a few good moments…I cant wait to write for the paper again. Am sure I will be thrown out with the first piece. Fabrica has messed me up completely…Am currently working on some stuff, which, whenever i describe to some one they go; Magic Realism…and they point me to Tim Burton…Am reading 1984, Goerge Orwell [ i am a come lately. yeah], its closer to what am working on than Tim Burton is (Tim Burton is a fantastic read!). Ps. YOU MUST FIND SLOTH. Again. its your kind of thing (we need to learn emailing…this is bad techno-living)

    @Phantom::: Oh how I miss you. Many days.
    I am coming back but only for a project. A lifestyle/social economic docu-film project in Rwanda- mostly out of Kigali.
    I hope I get time to come to Kla. Its going to be like 20hrs daily of work coz its just me and a colleague and a fixer. We will come (hopefully) some time in April. which means, I would have the time to be in Kla sometime in May

    How is the baby Angel? ….now i miss the Cafe (:_:)

  6. robert kalumba says:

    hello Phoebe,
    Intresting take on my article especially the bit of…”couldnt read no more…” haha! Who told you i replaced sserugo? I didnt!!! Anyway hope your fine.

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