Moleskins of lovers

He gave me my first moleskin, sometime last year

He asked me to go put it to good use— it’d been a present for him, from his ma’

For three months, maybe two, i wrote nothing in there, i couldnt, i didnt want to misuse it

to put words and sketches that made no sense

Later, much later, i started writing in it. We were together on holiday, in a place where, on a long sunny day, one squeezes their eyes shut and imagines themselves, but never really is there: Costa Brava.

I woke one morning and wrote a letter to my mom, about him, in the moleskin…….

today, it is filled with the most impressive, meaningless, abstract, cryptic still amazing drafts i ever written.

Today, i write in the same Moleskin, another letter to my mom, wondering with her; Why?

 Why is that all I’ve done  is reward him with pain. only pain…………

Taken from the balcony; by phoebe Costa Costa Brava-calella
Shot from the balcony; by phoebe




 Let’s all listen to Flora’s Secret: Enya


6 Comments Add yours

  1. esquire inc. says:

    the abstractness of this..makes me wish i could sneak a peek into the moleskin..what is this pain you speak of?

  2. Lulu Jemimah says:


  3. robyn says:

    hey,,never been here
    so ama go read more.thats a nice view.

  4. The Emrys says:

    you should have taken a pic of the moleskin instead so i can get a glimpse of this pain

  5. Carsozy says:

    Do you own a boat in Coata Brava?

  6. mphoebe says:

    @Esquire, thanks for stopping by. been at yours….me like

    @Lulu, yes pain…am rubbish like that

    @Robyn, get in touch, pliz send me an email,

    @ The Emry’s…you are some sort of sadist no? I am too, so that makes two no-goods

    @Carsozy, how i would love to own a boat in Coasta Brava (or anything any where for that matter)… No, A friend of ours has a summer house in coasta brava (his family’s), he invited us over for three days when we went to barcelona…..Paradise is nothing like the garden of Eden, its even better!

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