Great mistakes. Beautiful quotes

Teach me how to read

                            –Be Silent 


Been globe trotting this afternoon, i picked that up from

his comments section.

ps. Robin, i love your work…might print out a couple to my next poetry night


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  1. em says:

    its been a long time since i last attended a poetry nite.

    isn’t there a law against posting twice a day or something like that 😀

  2. the emrys says:

    waaaat?? am being moderated?? dang it!!!

  3. mphoebe says:

    lol; i got moderated today at yours… someone at WordPress aint feeling this.

    about the poetry night, just start one; i did, and it was the most successful night of all the themed parties we’ve had so far … am trying to organise a storytelling night this friday- am alittle worried about that one though

    But If you are serious about starting one (poetry), i would send you a few ideas.

  4. mphoebe says:

    Ps: I posted three times today!

    I do that when am extremely busy actually…it’s called breathing!

  5. The Emrys says:

    3 times, good Lord!!! oh just seen the other post, i like the pic. so lemme get this, you are a good poet, good writer and now a good photograper, baaa!!

    and yeah i so want some ideas, drop me a line

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