Oh come’on Bashir cut the gibberish and speak like the giant you are

Alright,  sir mister president of northern sudan, I know you are freaking out about all this and i will pretend to understand that it should be embarrassing for a man in your position, really, to be told that you have sinned and should be sent to hell, and especially by those that tell you that you are. But seriously, whats this gibberish:

We are lions and we have tigers.We will carry on rejecting colonialism.”


They claim that human rights are being violated in Sudan. “We defy them to come here in Sudan and show us what’s happening here.”


Interesting reads  and some more from wordpress

Ps. Ps; let’s all listen to Packt like sardines in a crashd tin box- Radio Head

the world is a beautiful place for inedible vegetables like myself


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