Museveni is this correct?

5 million at risk as polio strikes again

Millions of Ugandan children are under threat after the government was accused of failing to provide Shs6 billion for immunisation against a wild strain of polio.


am exhuasted. am tired. am fed up of your silly government. is this some sort of silly joke………..tired of saying am tired

tired of not saying am tired when i am. tired of the news. fed up of hearing and knowing of the things you as the government havent done, arent doing…tired of figuring why we burn, why we crumble under falling buildings, tired of the common dust on the streets…excuses for roads. tired of complaining. tired of not complaining because it’s exhuasting to complain everyday for over twenty years.

Am tired of reading stuff like this

Its 2009!

What do i have to show for your government. I dont know a life before you, so do not tell me what was before you. I know life with you.: deaths, terrible roads, wars, degenarating education, dying medical facilities………


am exhuasted….tired of this news.

Do you even remember why you went to ”the bush”? Why you took over from those you did?

Need a holiday to go figure that out?

Seriously, why?

Why do i need to worry about your job…you employ thousands, why does it then have to trickle down to me..your mess their mess. why does it have to trickle down to little unborn babies……..

am tired


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  1. Totally with you on this.

    When I heard the polio news I was in shock. I thought polio had been eliminated. And some doctor was on TV talking about how the kid missed one session of his dose. I wanted to believe him but couldn’t resist asking myself:

    “Isn’t this the usual bull*ish?”

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