Michel Gondry is my western Star

yeah, he’s been 12 forever. and i continue treading on 16. Tomorrow is my birthday, I turn 26.

I travelled to Milan two weekends ago, the weekend of the Venice carnevale, three hours on the train—nothing clears your head and throws much needed thoughts in your mind like a three hour train ride to a city you’ve only been to on rainy nights, chauffered like a child to attend ”Daddy’s” exhbitions.

It was my first time to really be travelling to Milan. The first time was like a school trip…and all i saw was melted snow, the Benetton architecture exhibition- the real reason we had travelled to…and …well nothing more

Anyway, this time; it was some sort of emotional cleansing: I had been writing alot of sweet sixteen poetry. My emotions were amiss, my grand-father’s death unmourned. I wrote home and told them I wanted to re-read Albert Camus book The Outsider…for i couldnt help recalling the opening pages of this book. I felt like the character in there.

Milan was my supposed cleansing, clearing. some place that should fix me into shape. Francesca, probably the best female i have met in recent days together with my roommate Elena- the most lovely Italian girl there is in this entire universe, had both invited Maia (from Seoul) and myself to go over to her flat and spend the weekend.

Friday until sunday. There was a play in Teatro Verdi by this amazing German theatre company, -( with whom Francesca is going to be working)- that sunday. This was the main reason as to why we were in Milan

They are the best. really. they are. Very clever, very creative, very artistic. They were masks. They bring magic and miracles with these masks…masks make faces, they have expressions, they judge, the rationalise, they bullshit…masks do

Although, one major event, like i had announced was cutting off my hair. If there is one place to do that, it should be Milan. I look very 2009. Thats good thing. Its better than looking almost 26. or 26 living 16.

Then there was the part where Maia and I decided to do the most normal thing a girl can do in a city like this….figure out how much of our salary we can spend in three humungous stores.  On both our advise, we decided to go into the less pricey ones; we are students, we hardly have any money, but we fortunately had been paid just the day before…with our credit cards at hand, we entered ZARA. By the way ZARA, big up on the black girl mannequin! They look absolutely exotic

Two ZARA stores and three hours later, we got into H&M, I am trying to get out of my little boy attachments so i asked maia to make sure that i dont enter any footlocker store. i did. i abstained. We found this amazing shop called temporary Europe or something. A shop where you will buy JUST CAVALLI for about 95 euros. I almost called the police, then i saw the simple factory damages.

Five hours later, we headed out for the metro to Francesca’s flat, heavy laden hoping that we still had on us enough money for the train ticket back home.

Not to mention, that next pay is not until 20th march….I did write on this page that i live financially recklessly.

Ps: Living in the town where i live_Treviso_ the most clever thing one can do is spend an entire day buying stuff in Milan. For everything here, is twice or even thrice as expensive as that in the stores of Milan. In Milan, were not as excited about the brand names as we were about the price tags.

Still expensive consindering, but way, way cheaper than anything in Treviso.

And I did say i live in cities i cannot afford.

ps. i wrote my bio for something important. it got rejected coz it has no facts and figures. I dont do facts and figures. my head hurts...here it is


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  1. The Emrys says:

    oh well…you went to milan??? *sigh*

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