Draft works

Projecting The Colour Blue



The Blues; Silences

Twenty past midnight;

 The sky is clear

The sea is calm

The ocean quietens

The universe integrates

In different shades of blue it’s all reflected as,

in my round eyes.



True Blue

 True beauties come out to sea

With painted eyes they watch the sun depart to a world unknown

In its wake a blueness of calm remains

The colors grow softer, the world speaks in whispers. 

The Ocean sleeps. The sky awakes. Blue stars shine brightly onto the earth

All is well. 



3. Love is Blue

She pulls at his heartstrings he pulls at her own

They make jazz-like melodies.

She loves the Blues. He loves her eyes.

Calm lives in there; power and strength.

 With utter confidence in the freedoms that a love like this allows,

They fly by day and swim by night

Watching the clouds take shape

Listening to the mute waves within their veins

A loud pulse,

Two souls growing in a spirit of one

The freedoms a love like this allows.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    i find that i am left speechless by this projection of the color blue. love is blue. word!!

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