Procrastinating is such a long word I need all day

this is what i do on my first day at work, a week  and two days after everyone else gt here, but  especially when there is a no nonsense 14days deadline of a work in a discpline a have zilch idea about; I need to read afew Baz Luhrmann’s; How to get it done- copy and paste but as a shameful mess …

well, back to things that matter right now, like my head thinks its night time; 

These guys need a typographer a hell lot more than i can’t think of any other in a worse- or even close- situation 

plus i know we are a MTV, yappie, wrap bubblegum, skim-thru generation, but seriously, zooming into words and everything else on the webpage only looks ridiculous and wont get anybody to read- an objective here, I assume—-they are likely to push me to dyslexia.. a place i visit quite frequently .

Did I mention the colors on said website?; ekya black, yellow, red mukiitute too far bagundi.

 then there is this page on there 

Photo editors needed over there 

Ps: whats Uganda love and sex? -(copywriter needed too) is real website…

But this when you know that you need to stop writing for rio.


Ps: Ps: with no relation to the above—in relation with continued love i hold—read Arundhati Roy– I could  get deep into things and explain; read her work I mean, not her person…well, do whatever you like, whoever You are.

. Colors is searching for young (25  and younger) researchers, Another search is on for contributers for Colors-Online (website under construction), this one is without age limit (am sure seasoned writers, illustrators, photographers and all the arts that matter).

I wish I was being paid for this Kalango, but for some reason, not one single person from Africa-i have been alerted- sends their applications/portfolio to Colors or Fabrica… So this is me encouranging.

yea am bad at it, and thats why i don’t work in the PR or advertising office


..and you know what, ebindi mubyerondele, ah. 

Now the important kalango:::::Fixer- translator, location scout (helping with that) is needed for this fantastic documentary to be shot some place in Rwanda; storyline… a love story between this 17year old hutu girl and 21 year old Tutsi boy- and its forbidden to refer to them as hutu or tutsi, or those people… (Okay—thats not the real story, but i wish it were coz I can use a good old, shakespeare type   tough love story to work with)

back to the point, fixer from rwanda who speaks  english, french and kinyarwanda, and is available during the months of March and April….

Yes they will be paid and credited.

v – –


4 Comments Add yours

  1. petesmama says:

    Thank you for the bulango. I hope you get paid somehow.

  2. Joshi says:

    man those chicks are not from uganda..look at the backgrounds..kampala has slums..rolex stands..and taxis

  3. phoebe says:

    Kiboko!!? Okyabayo!? happy new year

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