BazL is a fraud

I might open a whole new blog called Baz of Australia (the film) is a fraud. Or maybe i will simply, day after day, break it down, especially for myself on here, that Baz Luhrmann is a fraud…a fake ….a man who’s been giving me sleepless nights and interrupt my long abstinance worries very so often lately……

am in singapore yet again. and am so not looking to going home for what awaits me is crazy loveless chaos…… in singapore daydreaming of the koalas, salty water in my eyes,  the pink skies and purple sunsets…….

I cannot cry. I am broken past the pot of tears. I am far gone to a place where I can’t find my heart, even when it thumps ridiculously out of pace. I am in a place where all souls float around mindless of themselves or anything else around them. A place that almost looks like Singapore.

I loved DownUnder….I will soon reconnect.

ps: Australia is possibly the worst pretend-artistic piece of work (advertisment.advertisment) of my time…….. 

I did flirt with it; found it extremely cheesy that i loved it…..then I saw real film from where it was ripped…..eeih Baz, seriously; with all that funding???????

anyway. i will have a real Baz is a fraud……..just not tonight. tonight i need to…i need to go and get lost within myself.;

I Will Sing you To me Mr. Boss


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  1. the antipop says:

    there you are again. Just this orning i was thinkin gof e-mailing you but now that you are back here, what is the point/

  2. mphoebe says:

    loser; i don’t have your email address…yes am back, cold and damp and still figuring out what the point (of being back) is really;

    the trees look sick-it could leprosy, i refuse to take a closer for the obvious fears. every single one of the people i pass past is, am very certain, pissed with something in the air- and its not the cold for they all entertain it with such designer garb. its obscene-, so they keep their faces to their booted feet, raise their jacket collars up to their chin, and with their heads, necks and all covered in all the stuff i wanna own, they make a point of never looking past the perimeter of them.

    I have a cold, or maybe flu or it could be PMS or it could be that terrible thought of another so many months…

    But i love you and i miss you….And there’s my email

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