Down Under. A love lives. A horizon soo expanse it covers the world’s end. browns whites and blues….

A new year, a new you; sijuwii-nini; the world is still the same very little has changed. One name celebrities- for i don’t know why- still make the news, people continue to rum bullets into one another, there is a wine tasting here, a wedding over there, a Sangoma asking for Talcom Powder, Rum and some pieces of white fabric in a gibberish only his dog-bones can understand

A genuine Sangamo, pissed off into magic anger for he has no money—a thing he wishes his magic could make varnis (ME TOO)— to move to the city and actually do what he is meant to do, to prevent his sacred heritage from  what has become it today, a shame…to stop the psuedo city boy chemists from unashamedly abusing a respectable religion/hospital/culture/therapy……… a birthright

Hussein lives on as the name tag of a terrorist. A terrorist continues to be brown skin complexion, bearded —or with a scarf, black hair brown eyes….aka anyone not caucasian. An african state passport is as good as walking to a missionary school on foot; with little or no food and no water and nothing to protect your feet from the red hot earth and piercing stone….

Fascists still to drink red wine in the hope that by the time they are thru with one bottle a thousand communists will be dead along with the colors of the people of the world….even when they would, in a pretend drunken state, want to mate with the women of a people they secretly persecute…

Arudhati Roy is the queen of the world: Her Majesty Miss Roy, we refer to her as (the only flicker of far)

I had something positive to say about president Mugambe and the unknown president of South Africa (separately)…obviously its swooshed out

There is a girl celebrating her sweet 16th birthday in the glory of tantrums and mom, I asked for Eminem not Cashe Tings…

JK Rowling still is the only one reaping the most out of letters, words and sentences….not that i care

The seasons come and go….Its another year, the seventh year, of Australia’s long drought…the vineyards flourish, farmers can’t live off of their land anymore….this is not researched info….

Tumwi rocks and I recently caught myself fantasing about her having: creating, leading, and running,  her own paper…News paper…sometimes am a romantic

And i still  hate that i love the dying communist…..for what use is a dying man to an almost broken spirit???

Triple questionmarking (???) still works for the one reason that everything else unexplainable still do

Uganda, the country, has one solo museum ONE….that i know of… which nothing new; artistic, historical or of any significance has been added since i unlearned to write and comprehend….that i know of

A girl  is lying on the floor at 3.30 am typing this withoutasense blog post because, as usual she can’t find that which they call sleep………

It is a new year and very little has changed but my age in March……..

May  you Bump, blunder and happily stagger through yet another one.


Darwin’s NightMare

-no voice over or expert narratings;

-little dialogues

-intelligent interviews, great quotes…intentionally stupid questions

-poetry in technique

-persistence on the one question to different individuals interviewed; in a by-the way sort of way

-taking time to know the subjects, understand them well enough  to respect their different individual situations, and to deal with it as one would, bathing their dead child….

-the art of visual story telling…..

-interaction with the film’s audience. respecting his audience

-skeleton crew….

himself for ours:



mainstream arty- use a languange they all understand in but in the  way you understand it (TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE- i want to know, i ask you. you tell me….it is my story. you are telling me…you are doing me a service. you can do it in a way you think i will like it….or you can do it in the best way you know how to, and serve it to me…your purpose is to do….not to please. the process is important….

And Am Brainstorming/studing on my blog. Thats it. almost 4am…time to crawl next to the uneven breaths that deep some purpose into this new year….Them people call it 2009. I call it 25!!!!!

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