Christmas Eve:

singing the carols.Santa on his round the world trip to sneak into your kitchen…

Well am in Singapore…Chinga  Airport. Beautiful country this looks…rode on the ‘airbus’ sorry, ‘sky train’ – (same thing, no?!)….with the naked trees back where am flying from, the freshness in trees and grass, green  lushness , was bit of a shock…

Duty free Singapore… Don’t do it here if you are flying from Italy. a.k.a: don’t enter the stores…they will only announce to you how spoiled you have become. How the fact that you know is slowly becoming a big fault…. for you will never be able to shop shoes, underwear or clothes from anywhere but.. and yet the price is for “punches.”

I connected from Frankfurt… the airport display should allow me to make this sweeping judgement. Germany has very beautiful girls; yes boys, I have heard about the Swede girls…well, i saw German girls today and they turn your neck around.. my neck.

Another 9hour flight and i will be there for christmas breakfast…

Banange DeTamble, Ewamwe wala’!

okay. I’ve top go find my gate….

Ps: Singapore makes me a little uneasy feeling, almost like how Kigali does.

Am sure Kigali is being modelled on this City.

Merry Christmas.

Ps. Ps. When did Mother and Child (christmas theme), get bumped by Santa and the gift bags????)

QTN: Tumwi, pliz throw in a ka-post to conclude the year?

– I was warned that Australians have qtn marks on every single phrase word and sentence. Am only getting ready for it.

kawa.Happy Birthday Jesus…please send Santa to his little room. He’s been all over the place this december. stealing the show


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