Six years old. He bashed his first car…4×4 and!

am losing my voice to where my brain drained.
spent all weekend feeling sorry for my chest and stomach muscles.
Maybe i should see a doctor. A shot of whiskey and many of Uganda waragi in between my sleeps isn’t helping more than to quieten me for just an hour or so.

First Paris. Then South O. It’s a holiday of love. Count Down……..

Happy holidays yo’all


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  1. Ashy says:

    The same post 10 times?!?!?!

  2. The Emrys says:

    so how come this is posted 11 times nyabo. maybe you dont need a doctor, love will take care of all, no?? after all its a holiday of love for you

  3. Solomon King says:

    Oba which one do we comment on??? 11 posts, same topic.

    Rumour has it whiskey and lemon helps.


  4. walkonby says:

    Keep warm, eat lots of fresh bright coloured fruits -mangoes, pawpaws, watermelon, whatever you can get your hands on, keep warm, and you’ll be fine,
    easy does it 🙂

  5. mphoebe says:


    either my head got bashed too. or am losing my mind along with the voice.

    Ps. I would apologise to wordpress, but this looks really good…my impatience shines through

  6. mphoebe says:

    thanks for all the medicinal advise guys. I will try out the fruits tonight. Maybe make a fruit, whiskey cocktail

  7. mphoebe says:

    Oh my god! Its two and half pages of the same post…this is insane.

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