i GOT It. I got It . Iggggggggoooooot it!!!

December sunshine.
Pink and blue……
Be careful when your previous post is about kissing… missing kissing…….

ooh! I have goodnews. i really want to share…but… i am all for self-censorship at this point


6 Comments Add yours

  1. therisingpage says:

    These socks!!!
    Share ko

  2. The Emrys says:

    she GOT It. she got It . she ggggggggoooooot it!!!
    woo to the hoo!!

  3. phoebe says:

    hahhhaa, Emry’s cool…Antipop should ask for your hand…

  4. chanelno5 says:

    He asked to marry you. You got the ring. Diamond? Emerald? Ruby?

  5. chanelno5 says:

    By the way this is some ugly template.

  6. mphoebe says:

    @ Chanel:
    OMG! I love this template… am big on pale greens and greys..

    ciao bella!

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