A kiss is a kiss is a kiss is a kiss

my throat is soar, i have a cough. I have a cold. 

And this is who passed it on to me:

Cortina. Italy
Cortina. Italy

I miss being kissed. I miss kissing. So fed my lips with almost all that snow…

the truth, all that snow was force fed to me. By two boys who are more less, as frustrated, in the ways that I am, as me


Cortina is beautiful. I could never have imagined, envisioned, a whole entire world, covered in snow.

When it snows here in treviso, its just pretty little snow flakes. Very treviso-like. Charmed/story book city. nothing to give one of the feel “It’s snowing.”… I love it, of course. It’s like Disney snowing. But I am sooooo glad i went to Cortina. You want hard core, you get hard core. and now am down with a stupid cold…


Great weekend. Good news…series


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    yep, tis definitely beautiful.

    so stein has infiltrated yo blog titles as well, hmmmm

  2. phoebe says:

    @ Emrys;
    I had to put up there to get it out of my head…its been ringing in. in circles…and then i start to chat randomly with this guy and he says….am a copy of a copy of a copy….
    and am like what the fak! I get introduced to a woman one day, and already she’s crowding me…..

    so. there. I admit, I love her. I respect her. But she stole my spot…….

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