Posta Italia

you will need to work not just twice as hard. 

you will have to double your effort. while you work twice as hard

you will learn the language of nobles. you will learn the language of scams

you will have to learn the language that gives. and the language that takes

you will become not the person they expect you to become, not the person they dont expect you to become

you will learn their ways: ways of life. ways of death. ways of their giving and of their taking

you will take in more than they give. 

you will grow. in awe. in disgust. in shock. in reality.

you will grow beyond their expectations. beyond your expectations.

you will become. you will be. you are.

Always mantaining who you originally were. who you easily can be.

you will become. you are. what no other is.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Emrys says:

    they got to you then 😀

  2. petesmama says:


  3. Dennis says:

    sounds quite interesting to me.

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