H E L P. Yeeeeeeeel

                 Your snake is strangling your dog.

                                     – caption competition (the New Yorker)

my head is spinning. am taking in way too much information than my brain can process……

aaaaaaaaah!  I want to listen to him go. Out Loud in my head.

[….] I gave you all and now am nothing 

and more and more and more and more.


And it is at this point that i should put the much needed Disclaimer:

This blog is my sex, it is my drug, it is my release. I come here (here. not on blogsphere). To chill, to not make sense, to not care about typos and sentence construction and design and what fuck else am not supposed to care about. I come here to, in many ways, unhook my bra, undo my hair (its always undone, who am I kidding), unbuckle my belt and loosen my pants. I come here to walk around, not naked, but comfortably  careless. I come here to not think. to not make nice. I come here to enjoy what is otherwise sinful in my profession. You don’t have to make sense. They don’t have to get it. There is no need to spell check (how your mind spelt it the first time is the way you know it). I come here to find littlejars. The girl with little inhibitions. The nymphet i continue to fall in love with. she who smiles not because she wants to or that she has to, but because she does. Why Not- is her basic answer to everything.


okay. And we are Back. 


I had an amazing revelation yesterday evening in the words of the woman who i continue to worship as if she were but a god. And she is. Arudhati Roy. 

because i deliberately don’t want to state her words here; for I know soon there will be appearing on a more sensible space (kinda), I will just right into what the revelation was. Well, especially because this is the only way to verbally shut up about it.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is shit. horse shit, or whatever other kind of shit that you are even slightly allergic to (wait. how cool would it be to be allergic to shit!)

Moving on;  free speech or any freedom for that matter, is Freedom. Without barriers, with no shackles, With no wait, a minute, ” this is inappropriate- check thesaurus for politically correct word…” When you choose freedom of speech you have given up political correctness, otherwise, it becomes self-censorship.

Yet any sort of self-censorship in the name of political correctness,  i find,  is a deliberate sin. An act of blasphemy and should be Well looked into for appropriate punishments measures. Guillotine- with a chair to stand on for those who cant reach the rope.  (What?! no ropes for Guillotines. Well, lets put one then, and make it a hanging guillotine for which you need a chair to reach. The effort for the sweet pain of death! ) 

The idea that you have no problem with people, any people, doing whatever they please to do as long as it does not offend you, is the stupidest notion I have had to listen to, Over and Over again;

” Do whatever you want to do. You have all the freedom you desire. you are free to choose. The freedom to speak. the freedom to….. as long as you dont offend anybody- as long as dont offend me, hurt my sentiments, step on my beliefs and values….!”

—–Thank you very much sir or madam or alien alias, but Freedom is meant to Offend. Of course it is meant to offend, because If it didn’t, like Ms. Roy says. it wouldn’t be freedom: ” What offends you liberates me”. So give it all and give it up. Or give nothing at all. 

My quest for freedom is to not be stifled, to not look over my shoulder while I dig my ditch, to not be summoned upon and be told that if i continue to dig that ditch i risk my (very elusive) freedom to be whisked away.

my quest for freedom is to be free. And I continue to ask my self, why we have to beg for this.

I found this just about now, and i think i should it here…..

I’d rather let some kids have access to violent and pornographic video games than hinder the art form with regulation. I despise the concept behind sheltering children. It’s like lying to them. The only thing encouraged by pretending kids are mentally insufficient to understand this world is a delayed ability to actually handle it. Contrary to popular belief, kids live in the same world as adults, and in my opinion the very worst video games aren’t really that bad. Exposure to any art with proper parenting can only help them further comprehend their world.

… I have a theory against television and video games for kids, but this theory has nothing to do with moral issues. (am only stating this for purposes of my future posts on the subject)

Part another one

Gonçalo is from Lisbon, Portugal. He’s in the [product]Design department. He is one of those many people in the world who continue to determine that your uncomfortable bar stool looks so pretty you could lick it or the shape of your breakable china and so on, and so on.

Two days ago, Gonçalo and I were walking from Mensa (eatery) and he pointed out to me, the beautiful trees lined far off from the road  to make an impression of the forest.

And he said; Just look at that! Why are humans such control freaks. We want to control everything. To the extent that we have made nature.  become ” our idea of nature”. Man wants to pretend that a forest is a neat row of his chosen trees. man creates that. and believes it……

Okay: i have found my head again. I now go back to work  



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  1. The Emrys says:

    this is disturbingly nice. boots mine???

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