Boomelets, Nexters, Baby Busters- Generation Y

…Generation WHY NOT:

Obama Hussein Baraka: granny’s skiny brown boy.  Living in a world in which it is sinful to look just the way he did. There is so many things, he could have turned out as. quite a number.

And president of the united states was right up there, in his face.

………………and now, I need to get out of bed, continue with the making of my own history


3 Comments Add yours

  1. antipop2 says:

    yep. and if you get out of bed fast enough, maybe one day you will write an auto biography

  2. phoebe says:

    hahahahha; kale Antipop! I bet you Mr. Baraka has got people in has past who told him things like…”all you will ever be is The Guy Who Quotes Mr. King”

  3. eddsla says:

    he’s now the man isn’t he?

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