McSara CaPain

Decoding the code

“All of us have little jars. They stay at home, lined in neat little rows. In fact, these little jars are very important. Because we store something in them everyday. We store stuff like anger, disappointment, happiness, misery and every other feeling that we were told not to have since we were young because it’s wrong to show your emotions in public.”

                                                               –A simple theory

in other news; 

Italy cebrates the Saints and the Dead every 1st and 2nd Nov. respectively. I had no knowledge of this when I lit a candle  for my grandmother in the Basilicca in Ferrara on the 1st. of Nov. 

71 photo by Lawrence Blankenbyl (Ferrara, Italy)


and finally: 


“I had actually suspected it earlier that the 50 Cents and Snoop Doggs of this world devalued the dollar. Take time to watch MTV, watch those videos where they make the ‘dollars’ rain! The poor dollar could not survive.”  NewTimes, Rwanda,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. 31337 says:

    that last quote killed!

    make it rain on them *h. devalue or increase the inflation rate?

  2. tumwijuke says:

    mphoebe, did you know that we celebrate All Saints and All Souls Day in Uganda as well? Well, at least us good Anglicans do …

    Now, is that New Times quote for real? I’ve hahad.

  3. phoebe says:

    @tumwi….We do?! all i knew was St. Patrick’s day-and not like i ever did celebrate it. Kale bambi!

  4. antipop2 says:

    1. mcpalin be’s there stealing your ideas, what!
    2. ha ha the second quote! please tell me that was for a blog…

    and hi there

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