Friday October 31

Weather:  Rainy

Time: 1.40pm

Location: Mensa

No. of people in the scene : Five

character names:

Mexico (male). Argentina(male). Uganda (female). India (male). Barcelona (male).



Kampala (motioning to Mexico):   Are you going for the party tonight.

Mexico (shaking off the daze): Ya. Ya. Are you?

Kampala No.

mexico: No. Why?

Kampala: I don’t celebrate Halloween. I dont understand it

Mexico: it’s halloween. there is nothing to understand 

Cut. Cut. cut. cut. Repeat Line

Mexico: You don’t need to understand halloween. it’s a celebration.

Kampala: Excatly. A celebration of what? I am not even trying to be religious about this. all am saying i want to know what am celebrating before I celebrate it.

Mexico: Oooh, Come’on. every body knows about  halloween. It’s like McDonalds. Don’t you have No McDonalds in Uganda?

Kampala: No.

Mexico: yes you do.

Kampala: No…. (under her breath; and thank god for that!)

continued  @


And to more Treat and Tricks… I NOW KNOW WHO MY DADDY IS!


But before I announce – with much pleasure and stimulation-  my daddy’s name and title (ha-ha!) I would like to present the “How I Found Out”.


Book title; The art of looking sideways by Allan Fletcher…. no better place like this, for a girl to find her D.A.D

Part 2. the “story” there in:


Nasrudin the Mullah was sitting

with a friend as dusk fell.


“Light a candle”; the friend said, “there is one 

just by your left side!”


“How can I tell my right from left in the 

dark,  you fool?!” said the Mullah.


Nasrudin the Mullah is birthed me!

and finally, in the fake halloween spirit, i give you it;


Happy November you’all

4 Comments Add yours

  1. antipop says:

    funny pic down below. so did u end up going for halloween then? you know, for just?

  2. petesmama says:

    Those Nasrudin tales are hilarious. To be birthed by him would be quite unfortunate.

  3. Victor Hugo Cabanas says:

    that guy from mexico its me?
    you really dont celebrate halloween?

    adios phobe

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