Moving On…still, in my head

The World In Color


This is for Carlo: a celebration to the beauty, joy and colorfulness every woman born brings to this wonderful world.

 More of your post-birthday presents can be found here. Happy birthday babe!


And finally; to make the long story even longer, I present to you all: Photo by Filip Kwiatkwosk. Heeb

One day, -not in my finger-pointing generation-  we will look at this photo, and spot no Irony there in whatsoever. It will stand not as a Political Statement made by the photographers or publishers, but as  just another one of those – U.S.America’s Sneakers Sales people, posing for publicity pic. 




Ps. This (new)weather is very depressing. I need tips on how not to drown myself in fish ponds this winter…please do not suggest anything that involves food, coz thats what is most depressing, i find ( i suck in the food depart’). Plus, nothing about boyfriends, sex, or romantic evenings by the fireplace should be suggested…coz this is the very reason that am considering the (imaginary)ponds.

White is not a color and neither is Black. Get over it you all.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. jny23ug says:

    The world in colour…………beautiful

  2. the antipop says:

    thanx for my presents

  3. tumwijuke says:

    Where is the first picture from?

  4. mphoebe says:

    @ Tumwi; The link is on that “more post-birthday presents can be found “HERE”

  5. Solomon King says:

    Them fancy model chicks in that there blog are damn skinny.

    shoot, that just aint right.

    Happy Birthday, again!

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