My burka is on…inside my head

Right now, as has been for the last two or three weeks, I have seventeen (17) windows open, excluding thisvery one…. Carlo do you get it now; no? Okay, i will elaborate…

Pop Culture

 “Heath” by Vincent Fantauzzo.

This painting, which Heath Ledger sat for weeks before his death won the Archibald Prize award-  the Australian art award.

Who killed Heath? When shall we ever find out…Maybe we don’t care that much anymore. He was after all another one of those drowned by hollywood drug machine….or so some one would like to believe.  

Antipops birthday: Sunday october 26;

I hate spending my holy sundays, trying to figure out how to make some lost soul’s birth anniversary happy and memorable, only to be told, that INFACT I NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHO WAS ACTUALLY BORN ON THAT DATE ANTIPOP WASNT…

with anti-climaxed rage  passion, i would like to dedicate this to her future date of birth, which i celebrated yesterday…thank you very much

and finally: a peak at one of my open windows.

thank god for the FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS…and thats all for today, have a lovely evening; and happy New Week.


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  1. tumwijuke says:

    Totally criptic. Totally lost. Happy Birthday Antipop. When you turn 30 I’ll buy you and Little Jars a beer.

  2. tumwijuke says:

    Meanwhile that painting … haunting is the word.

  3. the antipop says:

    thank you guys. now if only it was my birthday you guys are celebrating….
    i can not believe u refused to pull this out of your post even if we had a conversation yesterday where i told you it was not my birthday!!!!!!!!! please do not impose oct 26 on me!!!!!!!

  4. the antipop says:

    clearly i commented before i read the whole post. that is how i failed my exams.

  5. the antipop says:

    really Phoebe…that present….you wanna maybe say sorry?

  6. 31337 says:

    i love the painting, and happy belated antipops. anti-dad?

  7. Carlo says:

    I get the 17 windows open. But that’s where it ends. My birthday passed. I want presents. Simply because no one mentioned it on blogger. So hurry up and give me. And bambi Heath!

  8. phoebe says:

    Stating the Record Straight about Ms Rock’s Birthday;
    october 26 is the date i thought was her birthday; i composed a song for it, and great posting which would scream..”this so sounds like what antipop would have written (read dedications to antipop).

    Then i call her to say good morning, at 6 am…well i didnt call, but you know what i mean… any way, i kind of call her, and the loser goes like ” well, thank you but october 26 isn’t my birthday”.

    So for all the semi-planning that i had put into, I decided to go ahead and kind of celebrate her birthday anyway.

    The one amazing thing about all this is that SHE NOW HAS TWO BIRTHDATES… the FAKE ONE, and the REAL ONE… which she should later reveal to you all.

    @antipop, for all the incovenience -of birthday presents arriving before their time- caused i will write you a love letter in Shakespearean dialect on your real birthday.

    i love you; and quit bitching and enjoy october 26

  9. the antipop says:

    i forgive you. and now i sit and wait

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