typographer needed

South-Australia, seething anger, seeking a new harlem, finding to a new harlem, moving to a new harlem:

Ombra longa begins sunday, the idea is to drown in the wine. I saw the grapes as they were harvested, now its time to celebrate the harvest…rip what they sowed.

Breakfast at tiffany’s. Sunday at 10am. this will be the first time since i came to treviso that i will be having breakfast at tiffany’s with out scott. He practically lived at tiffany’s…. so i will pass past his flat and I will go into that seven dwarfs paradise all by myself. Could i pretend that its my first time. that i have never before been there.

I could agape with the littleness of every detail there in. the little cakes, the big little sofas, the petit coffee maker lights, the tinie.tiny old lady that comes there every morning for a coffee all by herself….she kinda tells the story of this place. B.e.a.u.t.y refolding on you. with in.

am moving to a new apartment this weekend. saturday. i am looking forward. only if i had an elf to pack me up. am excited. I need a fresh place, i need a new apartment. I will miss the church. I for five months lived next to one of the very famous churches in these parts, and i only entered its doors, and toured the property last sunday. It was the first thing i saw….my kitchen window, my balcony….and many times, the sight of it would wierd me. I am in my house naked, and there is the big beautiful church, maybe with the hunch back peering out of the bell tower.

I travelled last week. Made my second trip to tuscany. the first time was great; it was the entire department, gone off, rebeliously, to watch Freshly Ground. We had a map, we read it wrong a couple of times, and we got to the venue when freshly ground was almost finished. Gnarls Barkely was there too. We drove back in the middle of the night, visited Pisa (the leaning tower of Pisa) at 4am, and it was all it said to be… a different story when you go during the day, and especially summer time.

This time round however, it was a special visit. We took the train, stopped in Florence for 2hours….those two hours were enough for me to see the very famous Florence Duomo and to also, realise that they, the florentine, dont speak italian…well, not exactly, but….oh well, the whole dialect thing throws me off. I think am learning italian and then i travel further away from my sweet fancy Venetto and Wham, different dilact…

I got us lost. got us get off our second train before the right stop. nothing happens where we stopped. aside from a gardening growing sculptures and Shania Twain music…i hadnt listened to shania in five months.  dead train stops rock

We got onto another one, an hour or less later (Why the fack am i writing all this…. oh i remember i made a call home, Jason asked me to come back and so did Zoe (5and 3yrs rspctvly).  I felt guilty for being away from home, and then the phone cut, before i was done with speaking to all. The intention of my call was to tell what i have been up to since the begining of sept until now. This is a story that was supposed to be told to members of my family. It was all ready to be delievered…

I open this blog and i start detailing accounts of my life.

Alright. wrong forum. Perugia is great. Its the best University town i ever seen. I spied on an All women house party in Perugia. i had to do something, there was free binoculars, what? you want to judge?…

Asisi was wierd. Saint Francis, Pinochio. Assisi made feel guilty too. its a post card city. A mecca for at least everyone else, a part from the two of us. I just thought i had taken some one else’s spot by being there. It wasn’t that important to me, as it seemed to be for all the people who were there. it is the kind of place that a certain group of people save their life earnings to visit. I had no less than 30 euros that day. 

am moving this weekend.

Ps: am fighting the “war on terror”. And i now 50kgs. i haven’t weighed that much in the last 10 years…..it probably is my upper body. its been expanding……

I shut up.

I have been reading Capote. He calls names. points fingures. i have problem with that. But he is Capote, and I am, well, a Ginsberg Worshiper.

Piero told me I wont be able to read the Naked Lunch, so am starting with it on Sunday. oh, wait, i will be drunk on sunday. Ombra long (wine festival)

One day, i will correct my mistake. I mean ones made in this post


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  1. I remember you watching Shania Twain youtube videos for a whole day in August! So I think you may be exaggerating here. I miss you. xx Marshall.

  2. mphoebe says:

    Did I? really?! Oh yea, oh yeah…I use youtube to nub myself, so technically I was numb that one day in August. Baci Amore.

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