The plan was to boycott images. and the only photo on my blog for a long time now has been my comments’ icon; a photo of my sister’s twins when they were about six months old. Well, this goes to show that when it comes to these girls, i just can’t play Activist.


Like my earlier post incoherently tells, my sister and her amazingly beautiful look-exactly-the-same-daughters and her boyfriend Nick are visiting for a week as part of their summer holiday plan.

Seeing as I haven’t got my own holiday, and can’t exactly take a week off even when i have the option to, I hope to spend the afternoon tomorrow with them and most of wednesday. I originally asked for two full days off (tuesday and wednesday) to spend time with them, but i also don’t want to miss the Cameron Sinclair four day(s) workshop going on at Fabrica this week. So i decided to make a compromise; i two afternoons and maybe one fullday with them, that way I get participate and spend time with family at the same time (hopefully–)

Names of people in the photos

Helma and Laura: 3yrs old, Holland.

My flatmate Jen (Jennifer Osborne, Photographer- Vancouver).

Myself, (Phoebe Mutetsi; writer, freelance journalist, researcher and bullshitter- Kampala, Uganda. Rwanda)

And Scott (Scott Heinrich; Sculptor, Film director, Creative art director, Story teller– Australia)

Current location for all: Treviso, Italy


bed time….its 3.23 am


5 Comments Add yours

  1. antipop says:

    well, i am having a tough tough time picking you and scott out of the pictures. but if you insist that you are in them, then you go go!

  2. phoebe says:


  3. 31337 says:

    i need more coffee. you are where? extend please.

  4. DeTamble says:

    An Australian?? *drools* Gimme! Gimme!

  5. DeTamble says:

    Oh and The Twins! VERY VERY VERY CUTE!! Puts my non-existent children to shame!

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