Two Issues: Done!

…and there is just the three of us!


This has been a bloody long week. Not as frustrating as the last, but it was really long.

My family starts trickling in this weekend.

There is my sister and her twin daughters (3yrs) and her new boyfriend, driving over ten hours from Amsterdam to Treviso (I love family road-trips….Kampala-Mbarara: 3hrs! )

And Jacky (the mother to my best person in the whole entire world), who is also my Uncle’s wife; who is also the lady in whose house i spent so many happy years (she’s a great girl ) Is coming in next week.

problem though is; i broke my phone. I dont have her mobile and she has no way of contacting me……

Oh, and this was supposed to be an email, i just had no one to send it to. god Bless wordpress

I feel like going on and on, though. Like a real email. 

so i will:

I had a naked shoot this afternoon. It was all professional, nothing inappropriate. Not even when i had my hand around my (female)partner’s naked body (hips). The shoot was scheduled for the morning, but i couldn’t do it because i had been up the previous night finalising the two pieces i couldn’t finalise that afternoon because i was totally unispired ( the one statement editors around the world refuse to…)

Well any way; The shoot was done in the afternoon, between me writing and completing yellow pages, plus a few 700 words for Half-Fiction…there was slight cheating involved here.  Seeing as it is a version of one of the stories I had already done. Well its just version; same idea, same many things, But different.

At this point. I have no idea why am still going on. 

We are supposed to meet for drinks in about half an hour with everybody from the naked shoot. I just thought it would be a great idea to all see each other with clothes on, while we sip on priceless (literally) wine.  Whatever happened to Champaign.

So, anyway, if I go on writing am going to reveal to much. I have to wake from daze ( I need a good night’s sleep.- which i wont get today, because duh! am young, it’s summer, I need to go out (nothing happens in this town btw. All we ever do is go to this boat party every friday night and once you have gone there twice, you know all of it; terrible amateur rock bands  and, well, it’s not a fur-king yatch you know.

Okay, I must stop now. I have to keep looking at the big cookie. Keep doing more research to find a specific wealthy Iraqi refugee community in Amman Jordan Otherwise I wont be spending my much needed two weeks holiday in TelAviv.


did I mention that my entire family is visiting this coming week. About 7 people in total…..Be careful what you wish for, because I know its great, but its going to be a little overwhelming.

well, this is how humankind bes. The other day I was depressed that I am alone and forgotten, and now am going; Oh, wait, there is too many of you.

I have just remembered something. I have ever blogged like this before!!!!! oh, yeah. I was sleep deprived  that time as well. I was like five or seven days old in Treviso.

it’s funny, the stupid pattern of life; you do the same things when you are in the same situation without even realising it.

Now I seriously stop here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tumwijuke says:

    You know what? I just got a nude shoot done too! I love it. It makes me look like venus or something. And it was so tastefully done, I could show it to my mom. It’s something every woman should do.

  2. phoebe says:

    phiby rushes to Tumwi’s blog searching for the detailed ‘nude shoot’ post……

    every woman should indeed; if only to find the true meaning of self confidence and self-respecting! thanx Tumwi

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