I love Youuu! Youu love meeee……

This below is a reader’s reaction to the two pieces that were published in my last two monday my two Half – Fictions.

Here goes; 
Hi Phoebe M,
I chose never to b broke in my life
So I spend sparingly at the same
time work hard to make more.
Meaning I v some money on me
at all times but not free money
(leading a balanced life)

At the same time I count myself
lucky coz I was prepared to receive
luck. Hard worker, fresh from school,
got a good job with one of the leading
Telecom Company in Ug.
So to some of my old school friends
money shld always exchange hands
from me to them mbu they will pay.
considering that I am single, earning big, to them
with no responsibility. Small amounts borrowed
10k, 20k e.t.c repeatedly without pay end up tallying
Secondly, I v access to what they call free A/T
so they don’t call but beep, wen they r kind enough
they send a txt asking me to call back “immediately”
claiming it is important I call.
Wen I call they r either asking 4 money or
progie which all r at my expense.
Further still, they want me to get them jobs.
I v even tried sending them some of the internal advert/
refer them to those I v made friends with in other
reputable companies but they never appreciate.
I wonder hw I am to this(carry their papers
from office to office, sit interviews for them or what?)
The truth is I earn big yes but I v personal
things to deal with besides I need to acquire
some assets for security.
For A/T, talktime line, with reduced call rates yes,
but I v to control myself coz at the end of the month
what I spent last month is taken off my salary this month.
I only v 4 friends in this catergory but it is like they r
a thousand.
I do care about them but they r forcing me out of their
lives unless otherwise they do something.
I trust u to bring up something grt from the above crap.
(Not sure hw good a story teller I am considering that
am in Engineering feild).
Fruitful day.

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  1. antipop says:

    hey, this person, i recognise this kind of writing. are this person’d innitials P.K?

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