Boys. Just one particular boy

It’s only  been a few days. We talk, casually. laugh sometimes, many times actually. It is  laughter of uneasiness, lost in transition, unsure of what it is exactly we want from one another; -is he being nice to me? is she into me?…

…wait, what? I didn’t quite get what you said right now ( but i am sure it is funny)… ha.ha.ha…  Although, could you say that again, one more time. Ah. okay. It was funny after all…hahaha;-

Miss-communication, different dialects, different backgrounds, a world of accents.

Accents! This is what we are surrounded by. what we have to work with. The attraction, the international-ness, the big hit; European, Asian, African, English, Scottish, Australian, North and South American accents. Each one with their own. Same words, only pronounced differently, said differently, heard differently, interpreted differently.

I think i like his accent actually, (considering that right now am trying to write this here in his accent- i will get the hang of this soon enough. accents in my writing),  although he must think i’ve got a weird accent (when every one else agrees its normal).  He repeats most of what i say to him,  just so he is sure I haven’t (or maybe have) said what he’s just heard.

Today i mentioned that some one was late…he heard Laid.

(Speak English. he then said, with great charm- or it is his accent which leads me to think that he speaks charmingly?)

Earlier on i had asked him to be good to me, because i was wearing my super ‘good girl’ smile….he heard me asking him to be into me.

Maybe it is this miscommunication that i am liking. Maybe it is that i need a friend, some one who can ‘get’ me without actually ‘getting’ what am going on about.

Whatever it is. I know he has caught my notice. I think i like him…I asked him if we could be friends, last saturday. he thought we already were.  We then decided to be Acquittances. Something I lived out well with Serugo.

Although, i don’t think he fits in with the Serugo profile. So we can’t be acquittances. He can’t be Serugo, it is practically impossible.  He doesn’t fit in with that.

So I will ask again. This saturday. Just before we go off to be ‘student and instructor’ in the park. Or maybe after. But this saturday. “Can we be friends?”  

PS. I know we already are friends- or rather we are headed in that direction. Still, the question brings my intentions in the clear.

I just like to be clear with these things, like with everything else.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. phoebe says:

    Hater! Antipop be hating on me.

  2. duksey says:

    eh! you can kera u girl. Already? how are you doing.Am great miss you though.
    Do i sniff smittened in this post or wat? I bet he wants you to say the words he repeats

  3. tumwijuke says:

    I think what antipop wanted to say is ‘making new friends is the best!’

    Enjoy the ride before you realize he picks his nose a lot, his feet smell weird and he has an unnatural attachment to his mother.

  4. antipop says:

    listen to tumwi woman. she talks a lot of sense

  5. Peace says:

    I know that feeling of wondering whether it is just his accent that makes him charming. But enjoy the friendship.

  6. mphoebe says:

    @Tumwi…did u have to go and do that?! Its going on and on in my head. ughrr

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