Scratch Marks. Blood. Dead People

I swear if this computer goes on like this for another hour, am going to scream (am a bit reminded of Henry Ssali’s frustrations with websense.- now am smiling. am not supposed to be smiling. am supposed to be pulling my fake dreads out.

Yes. back to blood.

I cant open my gmail, which is funny because yesterday when i complained to my supervisor (or is he my boss. I need a whole two months to get the hang of the hierarchy thingy here)

Anyway; yesterday when i mentioned to Cosimo (one of my supervisors/boss) that my gmail is very frustrating, he came to try and help with it. and the whole time he was at my desk, gmail worked perfectly…..
……am so going to kill myself.
And it is gmail which i now use as my work(school?) address.

I spent most of last week learning how to use a Apple Mac computer with its italian-set keyboard. Now i have it figured out and i cant use my e-mail. even my yahoo mail, i cant access it.

I have spent the whole day, -okay, not the whole day but most of the day-, researching about the Tibetan born chinese who are participating in the Olympics. All i get is the stories of those that are demonstrating against the olympics.

I cant get to Sande, one of Monitor’s reliable sports writers, because all the while i was there, i never thought i would need him as much as i do today. and i am sure today he would have come in handy, maybe even tomorrow because i don’t think this assignment is going to be finished today.

I am frustrated. I want to scream. the terrible thing though is that i know i wont.

Ps.@ Antipop and phoenix, i have the update. just haven’t been in the right mind-set to post it. maybe tonight. if my head is not hurting too much from all of this………


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  1. Inno says:

    Am on leave but i wish i could have helped wid watever Sande would have been of use.
    Anyhow. Joburg is gd. Longer nights, shorter days – thats wat the weather gives us here, that means longer partying

  2. You can change the settings on a keyboard so that even if the markings on the keys are Italian, it’s the configuration you’re used to. To “right click” with a mac, hold “control” while you click. One of the coolest things about macs is that if you go “systems preferences” – “expose”, you can set it so that if you drag your mouse point into the one of the corners, mini-versions of everything you have open splay themselves in front of you like a word processing, internet, etc menu.

    I hope that, other than this, adjustment isn’t too hard. When I first got to Uganda, I puked in a trash can in front of the country director of USAID and couldn’t figure out how to light a wax match….

    Where are you in Italy? Make sure you hit up Cinqe Terre (or something like that? a bunch of villages linked by a hiking trail on the coast, very famous, so if you ask, you shall find). I envy you your access to lovely pasta… don’t miss matooke too much!

  3. antipop says:

    laughable miss glenna.
    what you just described to phoebe above will mos def sound like rocket science to her…okay maybe i amjust too slow.

  4. mphoebe says:


    Antipop knows me a little too much…i hate her…

    But thanks GG, am going to print out what u just sent and stick it on my cpu.
    really. thank you.

    @Inno; dont party too hard. save up for the trip here.

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