TREVISO: Old, Rich & Beautiful…

….i knew i would have some thing in common with this little town; built on water, wealthy, old and beautiful!

it was on one of those days, most likely before the sixth day of the week, when He decided to give some like myself the finer aspects of what He had to give.  Then the sixth day came; Adam and Eve came along…and He just couldnt go on any more. Those two were quiet a piece of work. little wonder He needed a whole 24 hours (or was it just 12) of sleep (rest?) the following day. A day out. A sunny day. To just chill.

To relax and focus on his best creation…uhm, this water on which am currently walking, and…myself. Naturaly.

If you are wondering what the hell am going on about; well, join my club. I would do with company. I am sleep deprived and have no idea what the hell am going on about right now. I just know i havent had a proper night’s sleep since friday night.

Any how (oh. this word is back. bhrrr), I guess i will just do this and then i will go try to give this sleepy head some action:

  Aaaand, the bed……..sleep. come to me pliz. 

tomorrow is gonna be a long day.

my eyes are going to be blood shot again

these guys might think that i carried Mr.Wine’s high-crops with me….

sleep. come to me before its morning. again




this is my bloody space; i can do watever i want with it (I’ve written that particular line with a South African accent…because i can. I can write with an accent. and no one will look at me uncomfortably. because they cant even look at me. ……..i mean, YOU cant even look at me.

and if you think am becoming a moron, by the hour, well, people don’t get to any good at this time of the morning. especially when they have been having just two or less hours of sleep every night for the last four nights.

plus. i guess i need to get myself ————-

oh by the way; people here go out and drink wine. white wine. and most of the people here are really old and very accomplished, so its weird to see them drink wine. Am thinking, get yourself a proper drink Mister Man.  Dont come to the bar and just drink white wine.

oh. and they dont sit too. they stand. by the street. like they are waiting for a taxi. in their genuine Gucci coats, Prada shades, and insanely expensive shoes (ladies) (aside: i saw a man carrying a Loui Vittoni man bag- and was like, dude, slow down. i am not in a some catalogue here….)

what was I saying again. Its morning. Oh yeah; standing on the streets in their insanely expensive high fashion clothes and accessories, sipping wine and being sophisicated. Its like a bus ride, only the journey is in my head: from their Jimmy choo shoes (I swear, women wear Jimmy Choo to go to the grocery store here. i think, i need to hook them up with the African market, so they can get a pair of what am wearing. after all, their are staring at me…….

I need to sleep. I have got a long day tomorrow. Have i said this already?


 I need my bedtime phone conversation (sulks, and switches off the computer… almost)


PS: Love to Carol, Dorene and…bed time phone conversation no more

Its 3.10am. aaaand AM OUT.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Humes says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. antipop says:

    yes, we miss you too….
    jimmy choos?????????? gal, you need to discover their flea markets. they have an owino, no? watever. go to their salvation army or something and get u those labels. and then go to western union. my plot number is…

  3. Fluff says:

    I want to know what the food is like. So tell us, what’s the food like? And you need your sleep woman! So find a way of getting some.

  4. Phoenix says:

    I hope you got your beauty [and in this case-brain] sleep. I am still trying to make sense of the post. Is the fashion there really that intense?
    You need to go shopping if so lest they confuse you for some alien.

  5. mphoebe says:

    yesterday i entered one of these small shops just next to my apartment, it sells women’s accessories. And one bracelet costs £5000. 5bloodyhundrend euros. and every one of those kelvin klein/Gucci model-like people is wearing these things. Oh, and they make it look so natural on them. like, you know, no big deal… I will just throw my £1000 shoes on, and those £6000 shades and take a walk to the park just like that girl phoebe does (the walking). and when i meet her, i will just politely say Ciao..!

    YES I CAN POST HERE. MY HOUSE. MY RULES (i am really with issues these days).

    @fluff; the food is just the same as ours…chicken, spaghetti, chapatti- real chapatti, milk, coffee…the works.(who is fluff?)

    @phoenix; i have kinda adjusted. am sleeping at the right times.


  6. antipop says:

    i boycotted. alone. everyone else went. damn snitches.

  7. antipop says:

    surely there is more to italy? by now u r done star gazing, and being envious and shit, you could post something else. no?

  8. Inno says:

    U go have a blast gal!
    I miss ya though!1

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