Fat. Phoebe. Mutesi…nick name almost forgotten


when i was a little girl, i had imaginary friends who lived in a guava tree, just outside of my step-grandma’s house- at the back.  I made sure to climb that tree every after lunch, and i would go have a chat with my friends; they were two, a boy and a girl. sometimes, i would catch their parents at home. They liked me- their parents, so they would join in and have a chat with me too.

For some weird reason, these friends and i used to speak Luganda. I don’t even think they were Baganda, but they used to speak Luganda.

Then i moved to my other grandparents’ house; the ones i used and still refer to as mommy and daddy, and I didn’t need any imaginary friends or guava trees. My grand father had a library. Stacks of books; How To books, psychology books, novels, history books, Basics in English… a whole lot of different kinds books. all in english.

This is when i discovered my true love. And this love was especially facilitated by the fact mommy (my grand mom) was against me watching television; “you wont be able to think on your own, to be creative, if you have television feeding you with all those retarded ideas”.

So i read. and read some more. Whenever i would finish reading a book, i would, always, dream of the end. At night, in my dreams, i would have my ideal ending of the novel/book…the way it should have ended i gues.

When i grew,  older, and was allowed to do whatever i chose, i didnt run for a boyfriend, or a bottle of beer but the remote. I watch television. I watched everything, from wildlife to Jerry Springer. it took me years to be selective. There were times i seriously believed ” because it is showing, i must watch it.” Little wonder i started dating at 20 or was it 21- and this wasn’t because i was waiting for the right man.

( I was also taught that there is no ‘right man’. there is compatibility, understanding, ability to compromise and above all; true love….. if you find that in yourself, and the man you have chosen, then you are in a “right relationship”- maybe not excat words, but yeah, thats what she told me).


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