I try to make time to be with the love of my life at least three times a week. Last saturday, i taught him how to read; Winnie the Poo and the Pumpkin Seed (i forget the excat title). He is a fast learner, very enthusiasitic and yeah, turned five only last month.

I just figured he needs to learn how to read consindering that for about a year and half now he has been working on cram work… you read him book two consecutive nights and the following nights he will read- from memory- the same book, page to page, with the excat words and sentences.

So any way, he is currently un happy that  this ‘great’ excersise was a one off.

Yesterday when he came from school, i had a new lesson for him; I had just watched Paper Clips- the documentary about the Middletown School 8th grade students who used Paper clips to understand the depth and realities of the holocaust.  So he comes in when it is ending and asks me what i had been watching.

“It is about people who were killed because some one didnt like them. some one hated them so much and killed them because they were not like him,” I inform him.

“Had they done anything wrong to him” he asks.

“No, they hadnt done anything wrong. He just didnt like them…. It’s like when you start to fight with some one who has done nothing wrong to you…. It is bad to hate people, it is bad to not like others. Because when you hate people or when you are not happy with those people you do very bad things to them, or you say to them things that hurt their feelings. And that is not good. It is bad manners and it makes you a bad boy,” I do the little speech.

With this ‘deeply hurt’ look in his eyes he starts;  “today at school,  Kim was drinking aple juice at break time and i wanted to say that, Kim is drinking apple Juice. So I said “Kim is…” and Kim Shouted; “Shut Up!”

Poor thing, you could see it in his eyes; The embarresment at the time. The feeling of being misunderstood and the fact that he had been hushly pre-judged.

So i hagged him and told him that Kim is not a bad boy (like the teacher to whom he reported had annouced), but what he had said was a very bad thing. And that he, little love, should never say words like those or shout at his friends especially before he hears what the have to say.

(it is likely that he might, but hey).  


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  1. magintu says:

    I wish the purity of kids would rub off on us. Instead it is the other way round. We teach them our prejudices and bad habits. And the world keeps on spinning thus.

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