Seriously, i need to find better subjects, better people, credible people to be inspired by. What has the world come to? Before you know it i will be watching Borat- whatever that is, and then, i will be singing along to Olonya Columbus’s latest hit ( i hope i got the name right).

Then again, this is just an expression of what my life has come to; lifeless, empty, un inspired… forget revolutionary, forget lets curb global warming and drive no Range rovers or Hummers, forget those plant a mini-mabira in the land that is now populary known as the Shimoni Land. Forget Zama Jobe, Tshilla and all those beautiful african women whose music just brings into my life that picturesque sunlight. Forget all that.

I am for Antipop. I see her worries, her tears, i get her. i get the fact that she is a closeted soul music fanatic, that she has the hugest crush on people she clearly knows are gay. I get everything about her, and i am with her.

I know it must be hard for a girl like her in this generation. I mean, from how she goes on, it is clear that she would have survived better in the generation of arranged marriages… maybe then she wouldnt have had to jump from one “loser” to another one. Crushing on one “semi-cute”, maybe gay guy to the next.  I totally get her.

And i think she rocks, because, well, she hates pop music (Britney Forever!).



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kissyfur says:

    And Antipop sayeth??

  2. cb says:

    just 2 say fresh new look. used to own [use] that. been a long and loud day. haven’t caught sleep in 3 days. so i’ll run 2 ma lil crib now, go on ma knees, mumble a few things and bury my head first under the pillow, and the rest drag under the clean and ironed bedsheets! meaning i’ll have the wonderful night tonight that i am looking foward to, phibiz. jambo!

  3. lulu says:

    me i swear, i dont click

  4. mphoebe says:

    Antipop knows all this is true… you cant fight the truth.

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