Aaaand, Drum Roll….

Fnally, the French have won!

Maybe am seeing it all so differently from what/how it actually is
maybe i am just a sucker for conspiracy theories
or maybe am just a girl who has been shunned by her own homeland
and is now seeking company with the french- that thing they say about misery.

But whatever it is, Whatever Afande Kagame’s reasons are, I am certain that the French,
right now, feel just the some way as i do.

(Mr. Sarkozy, do you have time -in you frolicking schedule- for this. have you noticed yet, that it is the British on top right now…?)

It is interesting, the ‘best’ news I have heard all week, maybe since the year opened… oh, hold that, it doesnt beat my ‘all paid for journalism school scholarship’. Yeah, now you know why those immigration guys need to remove that stick up their.. (sori mom)

Anyhow, back to Uncle Paul;
First it was the Francophone schools,then there was this thing about him wanting his country and all its people (obviously) to be one with the Common Wealth countries… All Hail the Queen, Long Live England (thats the french chanting).
And now, now, uncle Paul has asked Mr. Blair to come on board, become his right hand man…. some one hit speed dial for Bush in 2009. Kigali is gonna be the new Camp David.

So Mr. Blair is becoming an ‘aide’ of another third world country. very good PR. more news space for him. ( Does it work like Hollywood. the more covers you’re on, the more times you appear in the news, the more money you make!? -this would leave Mr. Sarkozy, and Mr. Musharaff fully loaded for these past few months)

See, between my going all over the place with this one, (dont you worry for the people who listen to my conversations- this is the air brushed version. so you go figure. very uncommunicative person i am, and am not even proud of it), and my attempt at eventually getting to the point you will figure out that i have been a huge fan of this president.

I admired his guts when he said no to the British and all the other anglophone countries when he refused to turn Rwanda around from Francophone to Anglophone.
It is what everyone expected he would do- go the Anglophone way.
He, together with his boys (and some girls) had been fighting the French and the Belgians, so to speak.
But he did the ‘upright thinker’ deed. There were people in that country before he (and his boys and some girls) took over. Those people were Francophone. They were teachers, proffesors, doctors, drivers, citizens of Rwanda. And besides, he insisted, Rwanda was not to be Uganda, or Kenya. it was to stay as it is, only with some adjustments- improvements.

So students, at whichever level would have to learn french because classes would be conducted in both english and French.
Those students who felt that they couldnt handle this, were to leave the schools, or the country ASAP. And they did leave. I remember them- especially those from Butare University. Always saying that Kagame was being impossible.
Enventually, everyone got into the system and it has been no complaints. they study in French and English, and especially if it is in an Anglophone school. They follow the French system.
And all the ladies there, they are all soooo french.
So in short, even with an administration that was/is hugely Anglophone, the French still had a hold on the one African country that is constantly in the news for the right reasons- since the Genocide.

And then BANG! some one in some french courtroom over there went and said unsayable things about this very His Highness. Some people have got guts… and little forward thinking.

And now, now, the Brits are becoming the ‘insinders’. Before we know it, it will be the Americans, and before we know it, those sweet smiling francophone ladies will be dancing on tables, holding beer bottles to their mouths and enganging in public ‘muscline’ arguments.Very un french.
And once it is in Rwanda, it will spill into Congo and Burundi. And just like that, death to the french cultural (and everything else) influences in central Africa will be declared.

And just the other day, i watched their teary documetary about how their culture, art and general relevance is dwindling in the world, and even in France.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. tresjolie says:

    They didnt win…..reverse psychology is what “Uncle Paul” is all about….you have got to love us Rwandans, striking when the iron is hot.

  2. Minty says:

    Funny how these things happen. For all his gentlemanliness, I still think Kagame will turn out just like the rest of them.

  3. Very interesting insider analysis. I have reproduced part of it on my blog about the decline of la Francophonie

  4. Looks like my link does not work. Let me try this:
    the decline of la Francophonie

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