What Is In A Name?… (hmm)yeah right.

People, well every one who gets a kick out of pointing fingers (i would give anything to say …get a kick out of finger-pointing…- sounds most appropriate) have said a whole load of things about others (people) who grow to switch names.

Forget Pamela Otti, there those bigger, even bigger than Alicia Cook, or antipop… people who know that to fit in, to make an extra dime or have people see you the way you would like to be seen, you need to have a new name.

And unlike homosexuals, transsexuals or again, any kind of sexuals, these people are never called weirdos or given death threats. You have a new name, you go places, you break barriers… you are a whole new person. the real you.

So where am I going with this.

It is the passport guys again. the second interview. or the ‘almost interview’.

This guy looked at my application and went; “What, you are called, oh young girl (?) i dont think i will help you on this one.Your name is Rwandese, sorry, I would be lying to you if i said i will help you. You need to go and see (the lady i saw the last time) maybe she would know what to do.”

Now here i didn’t just shut up, get off the chair and walk home. I gave it to him- even when i knew he was only doing his job. and i went…. with a controlled voice and maintained eye contact….

“So Mister, if i go change my name to Busingye or Kyomahangi, get a new dad, a clan and ancestors… all born, raised and died in my little brain, will I then get a passport? Will that make me more Ugandan than i already am, because, seriously, if all it takes is a new name….”

Then i did that deep sigh thingy, and went, “anyhow, i cant pretend to be someone else, i cant switch names, I am this person (pointing at the applications) and i cant be Asimwe, or any other, much as it might seem, right now, as the only way out.

and i walked out… headed to the higher office. where am hoping that telling the truth, and not taking on a new name, or handing over a heavy envelope (someone assured me that if i gave some chic 250,000ugx, i will get my passport before i can even say please- and she told me this because she’s my friend, she cares. but i turned her down, said thank you, but no. not yet i guess.

Moving on to better things,

today i thought i should educate myself on the morning after pill. The other day, a friend told me she needed 10k for the pill, and was probably way past the 72 hours.

I didn’t even think twice about it after this kb.

Then just yesterday, i found myself thinking about this pill. Everyone seemed to talk about it when i was on campus. (this friend above is still on campus). And strangely enough, its the guys who used to talk about it. I first heard of it from my brother. he was in 3rd year when i was in first. Told me i shouldnt be having sex at all, but if i do, i should use a condom and when it so happens that i dont, which should never happen, i should rush to that wandegeya pharmancy and buy the Morning After Pill.

Now, i want to buy it, the urge is so strong. am hitting my mid twenties, my brother now lives far, far away, and so does my big sis (who by the way, the only times she talked about sex with me, she would ask if am still a virgin. With… you know you can tell me anything.). So yeah, i need to self educate on these things.

Its not easy when you are raised one way, but intend to turn out the other.Its a whole new world…


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