Some One Stop Me Before…

Is it okay if i have this conversation with myself, but  pretend that am holding a press conference? because if I dont play make-believe, if i do acknowledge that I am all by myself, i will kill myself.

I am bored and pissed off; i am not bored because i am pissed off or pissed off because I am bored- (oh, and it is at this moment that i remember what someone said about D’s other half- Antipop, now i really want to kill myself).

Anyhow; i have always known that i can be a very impatient woman, never mind that i am the one person in the whole universe who keeps everyone waiting and then act like its the most natural thing to do (i know it isnt, but i also dont have a time machine. So it would be pretty stupid to act all worked up and do nothing about it).

Am I, like going on and on about everything and nothing at all.  Wait, isnt that what press conferences are supposed be about anyway? So hey, engange me.

Back to my impatience; yes, i have always known that i can be very impatient, but i had never actually known to what length.

Well, now i do,  thanks to these guys, who made me wake up very early, rush throw my monday column, and not complete my assignement whose deadline was yesterday (yesterday was a bad day, for both my stomach and my back), and leave office with alot of “am really sorry, i will totaly make it up to you a.k.a, suprise you by beating my deadline six weeks in a row (very ambitious, phoebe. almost believeable).

And now none of these guys, for whom i have halted everything, is here. We were supposed to meet at 11, now its 2.30pm. They are telling me to hold on, to be patient, “we are almost there [here]…,no, dont go, we will be leaving soon.”

See, i am supposed to be leaving for some village with them. It is them who know where i am going ( I only know what for), it is their bussines for which i am going so i cant leave them here, or not leave at all(actually i can decide not to go, but i have already made up my mind to). So basically i am going to sit here – thank goodness they dont mind me using their computers and internet – and get pissed off, and be bored.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. antipop says:

    u antipop hater. dont u know she’s like the coolest ting since er… er…dinosaurs? and unlike dinasaurs she does exist. anyway, so u r pissed off at the world but havent we all at one point or another? do u c us all ranting and raving? handle it like a woman. think to yourself WWAD (What Would Antipop do?)and then just do that.

  2. Yea, Me says:

    WWAD if there were no goth music
    (probably die)
    babes, ‘will apply that when the world DOES come
    to an end.
    Right now, i will continue to feed off Tumwi-thank
    you very much

  3. cb says:

    oh poor phibiz! merry x-mas

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