So the Day Sucked, Big Deal.

5:30 a.m, my alarm goes off for the third time; i know because i had set it for both 4:39 a.m and 5 O’clock. And its only now that i can hear it, could be it gets louder with each ring.

I have to get out of these covers, its seems hotter now than it had been when i sleep-walked into the wardrobe to pick the second duvet.

Why do i have to wake up this early, am only what, like less than a thousand years (?), so why cheat myself of the beauty sleep.

Okay, i really have to get out of this bed – its become 6:15 in the mean time, I have to be in Office at 7. I take two solid hours to get ready, and that is without going through the hassle of applying make-up (only because i have no idea how to) and or ironing my clothes (do people iron jeans and t-shirts?).

Which reminds me; the other day i was bounced out of office because i had not respected the “dress code”. Seriously why should my HR think that i work best in Office Wear (sounds so early ’70s already).

Maybe thats because she has no idea that my means of transport is boda-b. And she also has no idea that the heels- on the high heels, get stuck in the boda-boda or that the whole office look just doesnt cut it when you’re on this scooter thingy, breaking every traffic rule that ever existed.

Anyhow, so i finally did get out of bed, bathe (is it just I or the movies make it seem like bazungu only take a bath/shower when its for romantic purposes; dude  gets out of bed, puts on his trousers (this goes for the women as well), brushes his teeth, throws on a shirt, takes a glass of juice or some’n and rushes out the door), had breakfast and made out to the office. I was there by 8- an hour late.

So, why is it, that of all the things i had planned to do, which included going home early and doing my laundry (which for the last three weeks has been making a pile in the bathroom), i have only managed to do and accomplish one thing, one assignment.



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  1. cb says:

    they call it “sloth”, my friend. the worst sin ever, according to frank mccourt. should u surmount that one thing, then u’ll be able to hit office early, do all your assignments on time and wake with a smile when your alarm clock goes off.

    but pray do tell: u mean it’s that serious? the dresscode thingy that they bounce people at office? i’m damned! considering am bouncing back in january.

  2. phoebe says:

    @ CB, you got to start stocking on ties and proper shirts.

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