Jazz Me Jazmine (?!)

I am almost certain that the noise is down and ceasing.

That not even one Ugandan is standing on top of some little table somewhere throwing spit in other people’s faces- arguing.  Arguing over, of all things, Big Brother Africa 2.

Wondering why Richard Bezuidenhout took the money/ saying he shouldnt have/’wasnt worth it/ and “stuff, stuff, stuff.”

Uganda raised Richard, it educated him, it contributed, largerly, to the man that we all saw in that house. And Uganda did vote for her step son to take the dollars home- his real home. End of story.

Back to me (naturally). I have been listening to some great (maybe new) music and am loving it all, the vidoes are just as great.

Any one watched Wall to Wall recently (Chris Brown)? Totally C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.  And I say the very same (with a raised and animated voice however) about Hip-Hop Police  (Chamillionare).   I would so love to see what more this brotha comes up with- he got his own flow, his wild sense of humour (of Paris Hilton and “breaking news” on major networks) and he is out of the shadow of Fiddy and those others.

And little Mister Brown; Baby boy went and named dropped on his new album. I will let you in on one thing though—it’s all Chris Brown, none of those big names upstaged him. atleast not on the music i have listened to.

Britney Spears. I have watched her on E news more than is healthy this year. And in between my t.v time and worrying about her mental state, her album went number two, during it’s first week on the market.  Yeah, poor Britney indeed.

And is it just I or  should K fm quit playing Same Girl (R.Kelly/ Usher). Seriously, the world is over it. There are jams that should be on repeat, like  forever (well that’s what i feel right now).  

So from me to K fm, R.Kelly is over that girl because he is now ROCK STAR!  So play that. Rock Star (R. Kelly, Ludacris and Kid Rock).

And then finally; i would like to announce my new love. she is Nigerian, she sings Soul/folk music ….and am grinning from ear to ear right now… her videos have got depth…. I am so into her right now.

People. Sade has definately got a cousin. Young, fresh and very talented. Ayo is her name. Play that song again!

$$$$$Down on my knees$$$$$$Help is coming$$$$$$


3 Comments Add yours

  1. So when do I get a copy of this Ayo lady??? GG

  2. tumwijuke says:

    Spoken like a true child of the celebricrazy generation.

    I know the Nigerian you speak of. Nayo, right? She’s great.

  3. Phoebe says:

    Ayo, Tumwi, her name is Ayo (google her). She is absolutely fabulous.
    The celebricrazy generation; oh yea. am definately that child. Isnt it fantastic that wars go on, the world is heating up and drowning itself, that some one in this same city might be dying of hunger or suffering abuse of some kind, and my major concern is how am going to get my hands on that Micheal Jackson Interview (published last week in one of those mags. I adore this generation. Really

    Scarlet Lion, the minute I can find Ayo’s Cd, will let you know.

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