Merry Christmas Little Angels

 It is almost mid-November. The malls are blingy. Already.

It is a conspiracy- to take alot more of our little shillings and we are supposed take it well; in the christmas spirit.

It is a sign that the sharks are out; the crime rate should rise. People need money to buy some bling of their own. and it dont come cheap.

It  is a statement. Light up, get some colour. Smile and bling alittle- the big birth anniversary is here!

It is this that am feeding off. They got me. I am excited, for once in about three years.

I had given up on christmas. It had become my time to complain- the entire month, spilling right into the new year; ” stupid days that mean absolutely nothing.”  “Monotony.”  “Jesus’ birthday yea right!”

But then again, am a trend conscious person (following the trends long after they’re past).  It had become trendy to diss chrstmas. With all these Bad Santa, How the Grintch Stole Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks movies, it was fashionable to make fun of christmas.

And now, am back to old times. Like old times, am excited. Am excited over the decorated malls. I am ready to embrace the month of December; am excited about this big birthday. And like a child, I cant wait for christmas!

This is going to be the second christmas since i left school and am still not excatly out of school- there’s so much so many people would say about that,  but i say it is pushing the envelop. Well, until a month ago.

The Christmas month is exciting; it’s colourful and it’s fast. there is alot of money changing hands, a number of first times, mixed emotions going on for a variety of reasons.

There is just too much happening in so little time. A whole year’s plan can happen in just one week of the christmas month.

I have plans for this month. Perhaps that’s why am excited, although not excatly (if you think this is confusing, you need a minute inside my head). 

I have planned to make the ‘step-out’. and i have no idea if this is peer pressure or youth ignorance. whatever it is, I know i have been thinking about it for almost a year now.

I have also planned  to conclude that little something that has been stalling for a year now. And this is because a month ago, i knew that the envolep pushing wasnt that fun after all- I live for the fun in life.

I have requests to make to Santa just as well ( I live for the fun in life remember; and believing that there’s no Santa is not fun at all).

I plan to outline these request on a white sheet of paper (in pencil) and put them by my bed side, on the first day of the last week of November. 

and ofcourse i will do the PS thingy. With: i might have been a bad girl this year, but hey, I really need all this i have requested (only three) and i will never be bad again- promise.

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  1. mphoebe says:

    this is soooo boring…

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