Buy Me a Rose; Open the Door…

Today was bright, very bright actually, and this has nothing to do with the fact that I was wearing a bright yellow undershirt  ( oh i still am).

I have been in a terribly great mood; I said hi to every one. i smiled to all, and I almost said hi to my “not friend anymore” and ex-work partner.

Maureen Namatovu- that ugandan blah, blah, blah ( It’s getting old i know, but hey) was here for about an hour. Yes here in this office – paying a courtsey call, they told us.

she was warmly welcomed, atleast on our floor and especially this section of our office (not LittleJars dummy).

And all this while, when she was shaking hands, smiling and taking pictures with us ( staying true to her beauty queen roots) I was thinking; she is sooooo tiny and sweet how could Bertha (and Lerato) possibly be that mean to her. Cows.

Then the Code issue; I think i get it. I would go for a man like Code  – and this is all based on physical appearances – if I were a girl like Maureen. Totally (in her words).

Moving On.

A collegue recieved a parcel today sent to him by a former collegue. It was interesting; about ten newsletters and a t.shirt, which seemingly was meant for me (since its’s just I it fits) came out of that thick brown envelop.

 She, the former collegue, has come out in a very big way- not that she was in the closet all this while. I knew, almost everybody knew, but human nature is, you want to believe otherwise.

And now to set us “straight” she sends newsletters of which she is an editor that are titled; Freedom and Roam Uganda- Break The Chain!!!

it is  newsletter for Bisexuals, Lesbians, blah, blah, blah. Forget what it is about; it is great. Good story ideas- well thought out, nice illustrations. It is impressive.     

                       And the t-shirt i think am going to wear it some time, out of office. the most that has on  it is “Understanding Our Sexuality”.  I think I understood mine ages ago, but i would so love to see the expressions on all those people’s faces (WHAT!)

Back to my headline.

I once went out with this guy ( I am really in a good mood today). Yeah. I went out with this guy. He fancies himself American. He’s been there. he actually is over there right now.  He is Ugandan, a devout christian, is in the music industry, and again, he fancies himself American- white American.

So any how; this guy was all into treating me like a lady, which i so adore. guys whom I have dated know this about me. So we went on more dates than i had intended (in the begining).

But before he killed me with all this ‘meet my girlfriend’ (I wasnt) and “you are more like a guy than a girl” (a polite way to say “control freak” and “not-that-into-me), he said that African girls arent that into flowers.

Now that  called for me to raise my eyebrows, open my mouth wide and go “WTF”.  But see, he doesnt curse, and I dont curse- not in public.

It went like this;

Him: I told grampa you dont really like me (grampa is not biological. He is white- but still grampa for real)

Me: uhh.

Him: and grampa was like; “buy her flowers, she will like you.”  and i thought, no, this is africa (TIA is getting tired people). girls arent that into flowers.

Me: ha-ha-ha. yeah. this is africa.

So any way, we didnt go on any more dates.  we are still friends.

With that kb he reminded me that my ‘real’ boyfriend, the guy had I stopped seeing, didnt look at me as an African girl, didnt buy me roses so i should like him. He looked at me as Phoebe, gave me flowers because he loved me, he pulled my chair, opened the door, not as a rule, not because he had to- but to suprise me sometimes, to make me smile. And then i discovered I missed that.

 Right now:

Some how this was too good to be true. I couldnt have a day this good – to the end.                               Some one has just ruined it (like now).



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Be silent says:

    Just pasiing by oh and i have to claim my firstie

  2. itchy witch says:

    The nerve of the ‘itches’ we call humans, cant even let u enjoy the rare pleasure of a ‘yellow’ mood, no, one had to go and ruin it…

  3. innocent says:

    Hmmmm, reading thru, i also understand her and know the pain she must have gone thru BUT life is what we make it! Enjoy it or LOOSE IT.
    Hope one day she will have a nursery of kids and a loving husband and she will be able to forget all that.

  4. The Phantom says:

    your friend, the newly outed-in-a-big-way chick, really weird stuff. but its good to know there are open minded peeps like you who wont pre-judge.

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