Prince Charming Vs The Frog

I abstained from blogging about him because; A- I didnt excatly know him and B;  ‘ two people in a space of one month was overwhelming, i couldnt add another.

Yet today, i bring him up, especially for the little I knew of him- his music.

Among many others, Lucky Dube was famous for his song –  Kiss no frog.

It became a “new year’s” resolution for many there  after- to kiss no frogs.

Yet, like many other resolutions made in the emotional heat of the “new year”, this too goes up with the sparks of the fireworks, only to  explodes in a black out. 

It should be funny that every girl then spends the rest of her life searching for prince charming… a.k.a kissing a whole load of frogs.

This is ofcourse on the assumption that the many a girl will hook her prince charming after years of practical searching – kissing one frog after another, and eventually hoping to make of the frog the charming prince.

I can go on forever with this banter. Making some (younger) girlfriends  give up on the search. Letting them know that the thing whose arms they are entangled into is as good as they will ever get.

I can pass on the knowledge that the shinning armour is only real if these were medieval times.  And the horse, white or brown, just aint practical on these streets.

I could tell them that prince charming is too much of a good thing and as thus – not real.

But i will not. I cannot. Because me Phoebe, I believe in Prince charming.

It is weird, alien actually. For a girl who never stops assuring whoever is soapy and mushy that a heart is but just an organ;  it doesnt talk, has no feelings and does not in any way influence a person’s decisions.

And when you say it is broken, am confused because it isnt until it stops ‘pumping’.

 So for a girl like that, to believe in a brown eyed, dark skinned prince charming, it is a very strange thing, even for me.

Problem is though, I am scared… prince charming is too much of a good thing.


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