I am No Supa Star….I aint Gud Enough

As a mother, I must suck-  just see how long it takes for me to visit (and upgrade) my little angel, Little Jars.  And it is this baby girl that i claim to absolutely adore- now imagine those i just have to contain.

And as a friend I am totally it. I am the company every loner longs for. And just in case you are that loner and would like to know what kind (of friend) i am likely to be; here.  I dont try to get into your space and suffocate you with my friendship. And when you are one for bad habits, i wont even try to talk you out of them- you afterall, should know what you want to make of yourself.

As a girlfriend; oh wait, no one dates me. They all think am that weird girl at the back of the class (highschool) who eats her hair.


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  1. you’ve been watching too much grey’s anatomy!!! gg.

  2. phoebe says:

    and the first person to comment gets it!
    ” and meredith; she’s seventeen, we are all seventeen…”
    I love, love sarah Ramirez’s character. But the
    writers; now those are real life heroes.

  3. I agree!!! the writers are great! and you can tell a lot of them are women by some of the dialogue, I think, and also by the close friendships the women have with each other, which I especially like because on so many shows women are portrayed as catty towards one another.

    do you know i actually talk to mom on the phone in the states INTERNATIONAL LONG DISTANCE and ask her what’s happening in the new season of grey’s anatomy?? now whose the weird girl eating her hair?

    by the way, thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. they mean so much to me.


  4. antipop says:

    i am the concerned blogger willing u back to earth…..

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