Sweaty aint Good- No Sir.

I am not a sweaty dreamer

It is a nightmare. I am now certain.

Some one wants to cut me into two

They have the axe with them already, and i see their eyes moving. fast. searching for little swords and knives (they need me in pieces, more than just two).

I dont know why it is I they chose and i cannot understand a word in this explantion they’ve been giving.

They say there is no one else but I; they say am the chosen one

They say, it is because they believe in me.They are sure that i will be fine.

(do you understand that gibberish, coz i dont.)

Why is it that even not my friends can help me out of this one.

Why is it that the few men i believed to listen, to understand my point of viewing, also dont get it.

They ask me to look on the bright side (i see no bright light on either side from where i stand)

They tell me “people have to move on, this is good for you.” They actually insist that this would be me becoming serious about my life, ensuring my future.

There obviously is no other way of ensuring my future than to get myself chopped and sliced. Who doesnt love great roast beef, or  fried, or boiled, or done with whatever it is they do to an ‘edible’ animal when it has ceased to be itself.

The question is, can i take it. Can I be able to sell out and cease to be myself?  Only so I can appear serious?  After all, where is the good in being who you want to be if that person is no good.

So this is it. I shall  follow that gothic voice; Forget all the soapy stuff and get onto that chopping board. We need you, We need every piece of you!

F@ck this sh*t (sorry mum); I dont need this. and that’s what’s important- or so i think.



One Comment Add yours

  1. antipop says:

    no clue wat u r rambling abt dc time love.

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