Prince Roger Mugenyi- Another One of Us

One by one we close;

We go never to return.

We dont have to say goodbye first,

We dont have to go through the last rituals-

no we dont.

We wake in the morning; do the things we always do,

We check ourselves out in a mirrow, without knowledge that this might be the last.

The last time you stand in your house

The last time you use that mirror

and the the very last time you will ever see that pretty face of yours.

It is wierd, how some one with so much spirit and verve can stay silent and be still

(The entire time; vigil, funeral service, funeral)

And lie confortably in that wooden box, without complaint or making a fuss of it.

It is even wierder that your friends, your partner, your close relations,  sit there; confused, in trance, and a part of them stubbonly refusing to take it in. To believe that this is it. That you are gone, never to return.

You didnt have to say goodbye, you didnt have to know that that morning was your last.

Because the only things we believe to know for sure are the things we actually have no clue about.

We dont know, if tomorrow will come.

We dont know if we’ll wake from that nap.

We dont know if we will make it home, this evening.

We have no idea, yet we always think we do.

Hey Roger, you were another one of us; you loved and lived and enjoyed each day like it was your last (or so it seemed). 

The social scene will miss you. Every one who dealt with you will never forget you.

We will never forget how much you loved and cared for your sister (cousin) Juliana- every one of us respected you for how you treated her. You were the one man who genuinely had her back.

Right now she’s broken, she wonders who will take care of her- but she will move on without you. She might limp at first, but she will move. God has a plan for @ one of us.

And as for Jackie- I have no idea how she’ll cope. I have never experienced what she must be going through right now, but i will pray for her.

I will try and say a pray- for her and for you.

For you that you rest in Peace.

Oh, and the launch is still on. ( I am almost certain it will be more about you than it will  about Juliana or Kanyimbe).

And the Red Pepper says you past away. Can you believe those guys, they never get anything right, even your passing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Iwaya says:

    Never knew the young man, reading a profile of him would help me know more.

  2. The Phantom says:

    going by the press reports, he met such a violent end, this young man. seeing as Juliana was very close, i wonder how that show will tun out, with part of the audience out to see how she handles herself after this.

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