Hot Intern

On a very serious note, this little boy needs to go back to campus, concetrate on his books and pass his third year. Isnt there a lot of photocopied notes to read and course work research to burry his pretty head in.

He needs to get back on his day program and stop ‘working’ all day only to go to class tired and exhuasted in the evening.

okay; maybe i need to come clean.

there is this hot I.T intern at the office.   He is half Langi, half Itesot.  And he is shy!! 

He speaks well too.

The other day, when there was no one else around, he asked me why i like to tease him (the school kind of teasing) And i couldnt find an immediate answer.

I actually cant say anything to him when it is just me and him. All i always manage to come up with is; “when is your internship coming to an end”.

He is young and he is cute.

And all i keep thinking is “he can make an awesome accesory”.

Picture going for Jonathan Butler with him!!! 

He doesnt have to understand the music. He doesnt have to like it. He just has to be there. And smile every so often.

If it were possible (thank goodness it isnt) I would be blushing green right now. 



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  1. jamrose says:

    yeah, i just love the green, reminds me of my sitting room and my little online journal. LOL. like rock music? think your workmates are shallow? have too many pairs of shoes?

    Hello me.

  2. Iwaya says:


    I sense a major crush coming on!

    On the other post about fathers who molest their daughters, I thought u were being unfair…the fathers who do that are in the minority not the majority. It was wrong of u to lump all men like that in the same group.

  3. phoebe says:

    some fathers molest their daughters. And other fathers molest
    other people’s daughters. and there’s alot of daughters out
    here that have been sexually violeted.

    this is no lash out at men. not the men who see little girls as just that.

  4. antipop says:

    back when lyrics, so cool
    do u hav the song tho?
    abt the intern…….
    ever heard of jail bait? craddle snatchng?
    lets face it phoebes, how much older are u than that lil boy?
    altho i guess, if u can pass on his number
    i wd appreciate it
    looking for a boy toy myself
    plus i hate to say this but gal i hav missed u(in an ASEXUAL way)

  5. duksey says:

    hahah, hmmm am watching you gal am watching those blushes

  6. antipop2 says:

    hi there
    i saw someone u stole from
    so i tink u best say sori
    its just wall paper background for ur blog\
    but it is stealing all the same
    i uggest u say sori to me
    yea. me.

  7. helluva says:

    Hmmm. What’s going with the intern? Ope the internship hasn’t ended coz i am still cooking up a reason to stop by your IT dept. An awesome accessory is just what i could do with. Hmmm, miss the university days when toy boyfies were allover the place.

  8. mphoebe says:

    @ antipop2, i just met Jamrose and i think she’s too cool to be stolen from. But if you insist i will apologise.
    @ Jamrose; i enjoy rock music and I am the shallow work mate.
    @ duksey, thank goodness i cant blush
    @ helluva; talk about campus and disposable boyfies…nostalgia

  9. Joshi says:

    ayayayayayayaya… also young and about the same age..can i intern at ur work place?

  10. antipop says:

    u like rock music?
    u clda fooled me.

  11. the phantom says:

    i am going to report on you.

  12. innocent says:

    I wounder who antipop is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let him learn private manners.How does he write that he mises u sexually?????? this is a public thing.Sorry but think am right.

  13. mphoebe says:

    Lost in translation
    antipop is a girl and she says she misses “asexually”
    which means – in non sexual way. sorry if you are offended

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