Everybody is Talking. Nobody is Listening

Somehow this keeps coming up. It creeps out of under some rock- one that can walk, breathe and talk, apart from bat an eyelid perhaps- and crawls right into my head. And right now, truthfully, I am about over it.

My head is spinning like I never thought it possible. And my prayer, for years now, still holds; “please, let all this hypocrisy stop.

There has been so much pretence and hypocrisy going on; both rolled in with double-dealing, backstabbing, lies and self-righteousness. It’s sickening.

I don’t mean to point fingers, and I wouldn’t.  It’s actually impossible considering that I wouldn’t have any left to point at myself. But to put it plainly; all this gay bashing has got to stop.

Let’s just calm down and listen to someone else other than ourselves for once. And maybe, just maybe, have more developmental and helpful views than simply become ignorant rants (no offence).

Where is all this anger and hate coming from? I mean the anger that you are welling up right now, only because I mentioned gay people without name-calling.

It is weird that sex, the one subject that affects us most, is public taboo.  Why should we rather not talk about some things? Why is it okay for your daughter to have numerous sexual partners so long as she puts up the “Holy Molly” image? Why do we insist to not talk about contraceptives and condoms with our children, but hope and pray that they ‘play it safe’, that they never contract diseases or die during an abortion? Who is that ultimate power in which we have this much faith?  The power that should clear or re-direct our mess? 

Like some before me, I have more questions than solutions and that may be because unlike in most other cases, here, there is one answer: lets grow up and live in the real world. It’s about time. 

Plain and simple: we all want things the way they were meant to be, even when we are not sure which way that is exactly, or by whom the standards were set.  We just want to live the ideal life. But now is the time to snap out of this fantasy and get with the program. Just because ideally a man is supposed to have sexual relations with a woman (and vice versa) does not mean that when this is not always the order, we should throw tantrums and order those people to hell (because the Holy Bible says so) or worse, stage  public protests cursing the people who talk or write about these situations in the media.

Some people will blatantly argue that this country is conservative and to let people express their sexuality in national newspapers “which even our children read” is unacceptable. They will chant about our morals that are being threatened by this explicit gay debate. 

Okay, lets listen to ourselves here. What is so conservative about this country exactly? And which morals are being threatened, for example? 

 It is not rational that we should consider tolerating more immoral or criminal behaviour that homosexuality is considered to be (in Uganda).  All am saying is;  cut the pretence. Why are you pulling out the Bibles now?  Why all these lies about our “unchanging morals” that will make space for women and men in power to cheat from the people they lead? Our values where adultery is understandable, bribery and corruption, necessary … I could go on.

 The reality we have to face is that homosexuals, bisexuals or whichever other sexuals there are, do not spring out of those articles published in newspapers. They are here already (more in the closet than those brave enough to come out- even if when masked) and they need you and me to read their stories, to hear them out.  

Let’s face it, with or without the media, these people are here with us; working with us in the same company, sleeping in our house, laughing at our jokes, playing a game of chess or darts in your favourite hang out, your best friend or relative.

Gay people are here, they’re real and they’re human.  And pretending that they aren’t, or ordering everyone around us to shut up about the issue will not make them, or this issue, to disappear. 

So let us live in the real world, see it for what it is and deal with it.  

(this couldnt make it to the paper, i hope it survives here)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Iwaya says:

    🙂 You just stopped listening and started talking! :0)

  2. phoebe says:

    If i didnt know otherwise, i would u say
    got me, but see, you didnt. Coz u never stopped
    to listen at all.

    oh by the way, am over at yours (just been
    doing my rounds in blogville for most of today. I think i like.

  3. tumwijuke says:


  4. me more says:

    okay…. this is interesting, may i say that you sound like an aggrieved party. please continue talking.

  5. antipop says:

    girl, one of deze days, am gonna shut up. no one’s listening, no one wants to listen. i say, lets fight other battles. like how are YOU going to make my life better the wole of next week?

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