Iam back

 I feel nauseated, my neck hurts, am not sure if my mind will still be working with me in the next hour…

I miss my sleep, i miss my church, I miss my sick grandmother who, even when visiting her (and grandad) will only cost me shs.500 taxi fare, I haven’t visited for two weeks.

So anyhow; my Friday is coming to an end today! I think immediately after i finish this post, shut down my pc and hop onto a boda-B home. Just typing that brings me joy.

I guess I need help from the pros; how do you guys do it? How does one have a fabulous life- you know- date, hung out with friends, do crazy nights out and then be able to go to work everyday of the week (and the weekend) go to church and be a part of your family?

I will shamelessly say that i have failed, ’cause I feel like a mess right now.  My head is spinning from all the dancing and wines and lack of sleep and…

So on Friday, I played the priorities game and opted out of both dates – without saying no or because or maybe next time. Without saying a thing actually. I chose work and I chose my (sometimes) favourite person’s birthday party.  I was there just before he did the cake cutting (that’s like saying vows in birthday party world) and i stayed… we all stayed even he wasn’t there (he had to work). 

I don’t know what was with me but the minute I entered club Rouge (that’s where the party was), I just had this crazy energy and I totally let loose and had a crazy blast.  My energy was infectious… We left Rouge at 4 in the morning.

During that crazy fun having time, I totally forgot about Saturday. I forgot that I had stuff to submit before the end of Saturday. I forgot that I was scheduled to attend a (work) training session from 8:30 until whenever. I forgot that Josh, my very good friend, whose wedding meetings and Kasiki I didn’t attend had asked me to miss the wedding only if I intend for us to never be friends again (he didn’t say it like that though).

I must have had one hour of sleep, ’cause at 6am my phone was alerting me that i had more important stuff to do than roll my tired body into a ball in bed. I worked abit, I did the training: it was really fun, i had no idea how much I have missed the classroom environment (school was my best part of growing up).

Thankfully the training ended early (1:30).  And i was through with  work at 5. I did manage to secure my friendship with Josh. I was at their wedding reception at 8pm. just the right time to consume more wine on an empty stomach.

Now, am not big on weddings, I have actually said that they depress me, but I really enjoyed this one. it was like the most beautiful and very cozy wedding I have attended.  When i commented that those two; Josh and bride, looked totally in love with each other from their body language and the general reception setting, the guys I was sited with all turned to me, as if on queue and went ” no man would get married in his twenties unless he was totally in love”.

In his short speech, Josh told us that he is smitten (not was).

Anyhow, it was done by midnight and after the small buddies get together thing that i missed out in the bachelor party I left at one.

And am now  leaving to go meet my bed, I have a debt to pay. Good thing my bed and I get a long very well… So long Little Jars.    


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Iwaya says:

    Okay, let it be official: I Love This blog!

  2. phoebe says:

    I knew you would come out of the closet, some time.
    just didnt know how. Nice to have you here Iwaya

  3. Iwaya says:

    It was The Phantom who stuffed me into the closet!

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