Can I?

This is not a good friday for me, especially because of how its supposed to end. if it does end at all.

One of my favourite people ( I hate him most of the time) is celebrating his birthday today.  He’s ‘mega b.d bash’ begins at 7 and ends at 11pm. And I must be there, i want to be there.

But thing is, i have a date that should go from 3 to 6pm, we planned to do a movie or something.  

And I have another one (another date); we are supposed to go for some house party…. a friend of his, who’s also a friend of mine, is throwing a house party tonite- I love house parties. 

Now, I can opt out of either one of these dates but i dont want to. I am not the kind who promises someone (or some ones) my most incredible company, and turn around to tell them am choosing not to.

So what’s my dilemma? I have work. I have an assignment that covers most of my tonight; from 7pm to midnight perhaps. which means i will miss out on my house party date, and the house party, my favourite person’s mega birthday bash and am starting to think that i dont want to do that movie date anymore, I will be cheating everyone else[involved].

oh, and i have work right now; alot of work, but none of what is on my computer sounds intelligent enough to pass. So i have to go over it again.

even this here is not what i intended to post. i just wanted to vent, and i havent…. I will be back. 

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