Look At Me…

this really is not easy… 

I know, how unoriginal can any one get. especailly with their very first posting. Thing is, I have no idea what am doing right now. okay, not all of it. Am so bad with computers,  Ipods, even cell phones actually. Thats why i stick to the basics of stuff. With Ipods, i can play and stop the music. I use cellphnes to send and recieve messages, check time, make phone calls, and, the most important; recieve calls.  Computers are strictly for Ms Word, I.M and email. Oh, and google; i have a relationship with this search engine. I actually refer to it as one would to a dear friend, google sweetheart!

So becoming a part of this blogworld, is a little intimidating for me atleast. I hope i get the hung of it like, soon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Phantom says:

    and welcome to this thing. its a serious headtrip.

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